"How would you like your eggs?"


"No fighting in here! Take this outside!"

A large, slightly chubby dragon with dull green scales and dull turquoise underbelly, with a glowing stripe down their whole body along with glowing spots on their wings.


"Can I take your order?"

They are a calm, friendly dragon who hates violence. Just want to run their restaurant in peace. Level-headed and peaceful. Is a no-nonsense dragon.


"I'm sorry, we don't serve that here."

Squelch: Sister. Squelch and Axolotl get along pretty well, though Axolotle sometimes worrys that Squelch could get hurt. She knows the she can take care of herself, but she always is trying to keep her away from any sort of fighting, much to squelches disappointment. Squelch works as a waitress in their restaurant. Calls Axolotl Lottie.

Porpise: Half- Brother. Axolotl and Porpoise do not get along at ALL. Axolotl thinks he is a stuck up brat, and definitely thinks he's got some sort of grudge against them.

Trivia and Other

  • Doesn't believe in ghosts or any sort of afterlife
  • Owns a restaurant called Lottie's Diner
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