This character was made by Radon. It is my first AviWing, so if there seems to be anything incorrect, please run it by me and I will be sure to change it. Please ask permission before using him in fanfictions and things like that. This rule doesn't apply to fanart (it is greatly appreciated). Thanks again! :D


Avicide, despite the name, looks pretty much like a normal AviWing. His belly is a pale greenish tan, and his overview is a mix between light green and a hue of emerald. The plume of feathers on his head, are colors associated with those of fire. Red, orange, yellow, even some root green, make up this head display. Small and detailed markings are visible at close distances, normally blending in with the similar colors.

His eyes are a cool sapphire color, with stripes of crest colored feathers protruding out from the sides. Since he was born without proper horns, his neck is lined with small, dark grey spikes. Also, given this deformity, his horns were substituted for a puff of lighter colored feathers, with smaller, curled feathers along the sides (also gifted with rather large fangs).

He has a normal build for an AviWing. His head is thin and small, giving it the aerodynamic feel. He isn't very muscular, but isn't too dull. He has smaller wings than the average dragon, but this gives him the advantage in tight and small spaces. His talons are touched with the same color as his plume, as well as his tail darts.


Avicide is a rather... weird dragon.





The Queens:



  • I have had this character in mind for quite sometime now, so I am happy to be posting it finally
  • Avicide was born with tiny horns, which are hidden behind his display of head feathers
  • The exotic eye additives, and fancy side feathers, were caused by Robin (his mother) eating a poisonous fruit
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