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Background Information
Creator Darkdragon2670
Main Attribute Mute.
Elemental Attribute Ice.
Theme Animal Greenland shark.
Theme Color Blue.
Theme Song
MBTI Personality INTP-T
Character Information
Age Four
Gender Male
Occupation Student at the JMA
Tribe IceWings
Goal Prove to Pyrrhia that being mute is different from being stupid.
Residence A sleeping hollow.
Relatives Snowshoe Hare (mother), Ribbon Seal (father), Tern (sister), Caribou (brother), Ptarmigan (sister).
Allies The Sapphire Winglet.
Enemies His family.
Likes Seals, arctic cod, mackrel, dragons.
Dislikes His family.
Powers and abilities Can withstand subzero temperatures and bright light, exhale a deadly frostbreath.
Weapons Claws, teeth, and powers.
Quote Don't provoke me.


Avalanche is a mute IceWing who wasn't even supposed to hatch alive--there was something wrong with his egg and when his parents, Ribbon Seal and Snowshoe Hare took his egg to see if they'd had to smash it anyways, the nurse said he would hatch as a stillborn. He did hatch alive, but hatched without vocal cords.

Avalanche has glittery silver scales with a white underbelly. His spines are also white as well as his icicle-like ruff of horns. He has navy blue schleras and irises, with black pupils. He has a long, streamlined figure, unlike the typically burly IceWing structure. That being said, not much else can be used to describe his appearance.


Like all IceWings, Avalanche can exhale a deadly frostbreath and withstand subzero temperatures as well as bright lights. He can also bash dragons with his whip-thin tail and score dragons a bit deeper than other tribes due to his serrated claws. Not much else can be said here.


Avalanche, unlike most IceWings, lacks the arrogant, taunting attitude. He's a more insecure-sort of dragon, especially since he's been shunned most of his life and mocked for his muteness. He does dream of payback occasionally, but those are just wistful fantasies, and he'd never hurt someone as a way of getting back.

Avalanche tries to stay calm in some situations, but does "snap" sometimes and lashes out by writing insulting messages in the dirt or lashing out physically, which doesn't happen very often.

There is certainly a lot more to Avalanche's personality, but this page is a work in progress and more will be added here.

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