Subject 1107 - "Automaton"
Background information
Creator dinsfire24
Main Attribute coldness
Elemental Attribute brass
Theme Color white/grey
Theme Animal garter snake
Themesong type here
MBTI Personality type here
Character information
Age 5 DY / 15 HY (he acts older)
Gender male
Orientation straight
Occupation fugitive
Nicknames Auto, steampunk, cyborg, robot
Tribe varying dna, but mostly nightwing, icewing, and skywing
Goal survive
Residence formerly [DATA EXPUNGED] Labs, after his escape, somewhere among the islands between Pyrrhia and Pantala with some others from the lab
Relatives none
Allies none
Enemies the scientists and researchers
Likes the outside, the sunlight, himself
Dislikes everything about the lab
Powers and abilities almost indestructible, very resistant to most things
Weaknesses can't swim, water rusts his bronze parts, too heavy to fly
Weapons claws, teeth, spits acid
Ships none (yet *wink*)
Quote "..."

"I don't need your sympathy. All I need is your fear."

Automaton is a rather jarring dragon to see for the first time. His scales, rarely visible beneath everything else, are a stunning silver mottled with brilliant rainbow colors, but that isn't the most surprising part.

The most startling parts of him are his bronze parts.

His legs, wings, tail, and chest are made entirely of metal, and the rest of him is covered in shiny bronze armor that protects and strengthens him. His headpiece in particular is advanced; his eyepieces are green and allow him to see through the darkest of night, his ears can hear the smallest of sounds, and perhaps the most startling ability: he can spit a boiling acid.

And despite all these extra abilities, the lab could deal with it. Or at least they thought they could...

"Oh, Auto? He's... well, he's something. He can be scary sometimes. A lot of the time, actually. But when he's nice, it's amazing."

Auto is deceptively calm; his tone and body language almost make him seem kind, in a clinical sort of way. However, talk to him more and his words reveal the truth. He holds grudges close to his heart, nursing them until just the right time to release his vengeance. That was how he escaped, meticulously gathering information until the exact right time. His voice is always calm and clear, and he gets his point across efficiently, though the terms he picked up from the lab sometimes leave dragons scratching their heads in confusion.

"Quite surprising, isn't it? But it's not the time to dwell on the past."

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"Oh, I'm not really the one to ask. Brushfire knows the most about all of us, especially him."

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"Friends? I prefer... acquaintances."

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