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Autoclave is a bright, almost yellow, orange SkyWing with pale orange under scales and wing webbing. His eyes are a deep amber with gold flakes in the iris, and his horns and claws are a darkish dusty-brown color. His right wing is covered in scorch marks and holes that make it hard for him to fly, the scorch marks are also on his right leg, neck, head, and part of his belly. Some scales on his right side seemed to be burned or torn off, especially around his neck.


Autoclave is normally seen with a blank or distant stare, he normally likes to keep to himself and bottles up his emotions. He acts nicer to patients and co. workers, and is easily pushed around. Autoclave is deathly afraid of fire and tends to keep away from candles and campfires. He tends to have outbursts of anger or other emotions when provoked and sometimes takes it out on someone without thinking. Though despite this, it isn't very common, and most of the time he'll be a quiet courteous dragon.

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