Coding by Pinktiger2107

Background Information
Creator Saltyshaker
Main Attribute being a crap
Elemental Attribute Also being s crap
Theme Animal Those tiny dogs that are really mean but cuddly when you earn their loyalty
Theme Color Light golden
Theme Song Idk
MBTI Personality I'm too lazy for that lol
Character Information
Age 13
Gender Male
Orientation Either Bisexual or Homosexual, haven’t decided
Occupation First Circle, Being the best IceWing
Tribe IceWing/MudWing
Goal To become the best IceWing he can be
Nicknames Aur-But only close dragons
Residence Ice Kingdom
Relatives Birch-Father, MudWing. Sleet-Mother, IceWing. Evergreen-Uncle
Allies None atm, all IceWings
Enemies Everyone
Likes The Ice Kingdom, etc
Dislikes The Sand Kingdom, his parents.
Powers and abilities frostbreath. Double-sharp claws, IceWing battle training, very physically strong.
Weapons Above
Ships Open


☀Aurum is a definite introvert, preferring to work and train alone. He is almost afraid of the affections of other dragons, avoiding contact or getting too close. Aurum doesn’t actually mind conversation that much, as long as it is intelligent and straightforward. Most metaphors fly over his head, and he is very absent when talking, absorbed in something else, like a passing thought. He is intelligent and is constantly evaluating and deciding what to do in a situation. He gets flustered easily, and jokes are normally taken personally and literally. He thinks he needs to have a ‘mean, tough- guy’ attitude, but underneath, if you can get there, he is a kind dragon, and cares immensely about those he loves. He is normally taken as a jerk, a dragon who bullies others just for fun. However, he more bullies them because it’s what his years in the Ice Kingdom have friends


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