Aurora is a SandWing IceWing hybrid that is a dusty blue, for most of her scales. But at her feet, on her snout, and on her tail, she ombre's into a sandy yellow. Aurora has an Icewing head, though the tip of her snout is yellow.

She has Icewing spikes running down her body, starting at her neck, these spikes are yellow, without even a hint of blue. She also has sandwing horns that are the exact same yellow. She has a tail barb, that is a light blue, that has an undertone of yellow.

Aurora is very slim, and thin. She is more muscular in her back legs, but not enough to be strong. She is quite agile, and fast, witch comes in handy when she gets into fights.


She is not the nicest dragon but isn't necessarily mean, she just doesn't approach situations in the best way. She can be very cruel at times, even though she doesn't realize it.

She will do whatever she thinks that it takes to get her way, even if it includes death and violence.

She is very cold and doesn't care about anyone else unless they prove their worth. But once she becomes close to a dragon, she trusts them completely and will protect them with her life.


When she is acting:

"Honestly I'm surprised that this hasn't happened yet, I mean they have been rooming together for 3 years!"

"Not to be rude, but they are his powers, he should be able to use them...unless they get to out of hand and start destroying his soul."

"That's horrible! I understand your hate, if someone did something like that to me I would hate them too." 

"Oh, I feel so bad!" 

"I never said it did, I just want to let you know that I care!"

"I'd prefer not to talk about my dark past."

"I won't take that much!" 

"L-lo-lose my snout?"

"What act, I was sitting in the corner, eating my orange!"

Actual Self:

"Oh, well, would you like to go ahead and tell me every detail of your life?"


"OH fine, you want me to drop the act?"

"I won't move my tail until you agree: Almost equal rule, Reed comes second to us, but I have a bit more power than you."

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