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Aura's build is mostly NightWing, but she has IceWing spikes, legs and wings. She has blue and silver scales and violet underscales. Her eyes are warm blue, and so are her ears. Her wings are large and powerful. The color of her wing membranes is a milky white with black and blue specks. She has a long tail that ends in a whip-thin form. Clasped around her tail is a silver band with sapphires set in the metal/


Aura is kind, open-minded, optimistic, funny, friendly and humorous, but does have a dark side. During times she feels grief or pain, she isolates herself from the outside world. If she is disturbed, she is hostile, rude, sarcastic and snarky, and will occasionally inflict wounds.



Aura hatched during the war of SandWing succession in the outskirts of the southern area of the Rainforest, abandoned there by her parents. Two weeks later, the MudWings and SeaWings fought a series of battles there, destroying the warm clearing Aura called home. She flew after the first two battles, afterall, none of the dragons fighting had time to pay attention to they're surroundings. She hid in trees, having taught herself to fly and other necessary skills. A year later when she was about one and three quarters, two RainWings found her gathering fruit. They brought her back to the village where she was temporarily raised by the RainWings. There she Parrot, who first struck her as immature and reckless over time, they became more then friends, more like soulmates. After Queen Glory rose to power, Parrot revealed her burning desire to explore the lands beyond the Rainforest boundaries, especially Possibility.


After seeing most of Pyrrhia, Aura and Parrot decided to settle down in Possibility. They moved into a large hut with two rooms, one for herself and one for Parrot. There they met a kind old NightWing named Obsidian. Obsidian recognized Aura immediately and called her "The Harvester". Aura had been surprised and asked Obsidian who her parents were. Obsidian just chuckled a walked away, disappearing from they're lives almost immediately. Even though the last time she Obsidian was about two years in the past, she still hopes the NightWing will turn up again and answer her question. A year later, Parrot got bitten by a Dragonbite Viper, and died, leaving Aura on her own.


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