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/ modern-futuristic / female / 26 / sea / professional surfboarder /

creator 🏔
code me
art n/a
background information
aliases kai
main attribute dolphin coloring / surfboard / muscular build / grin / bright eyes / bracelets / friendly temperment / do no harm, take no crap /
elemental attribute tropical sea / coral / barrel waves / plexiglass / fish scales / palm leaves / white sand /
theme animal dusky dolphin
theme color sand white / tropical blue / deep blue / tropical green / hibiscus red / pineapple yellow /
theme song "under the sea" - the little mermaid / "blitzkrieg bop" - the ramones
mbti personality n/a
character information
age 26 (human years)
gender female
orientation bisexual
occupation professional surfboarder
tribe seawing
residence natara
relatives kailani (little sister) and nohea (boyfriend)
allies her family
enemies the press and homophobes (mostly those who are bi-phobic)
likes surfing / the ocean / pineapples / mangoes / surfboards / her dog / nohea / swimming / sharks / waves /
dislikes pollution / homophobes / the press / when her dog poops on the carpet / losing /
powers/abilities normal seawing abilities
weapons pocket knife
love interest nohea


- average height, muscular build

- looks like a dusky dolphin; base color is a silvery-grey with dark grey and black markings on her back, sides, talons, wing flaps, webs, and face

- eyes are the color of tropical water

- huge, excited grin and sandy, salted talons

- always carrying around a small, plastic, waterproof drawstring bag filled with a few necessities

- tattoo of the seven rings representing the Pyrrhic Games on her inner right wrist

- often spotted in the ocean with her surfboard

- rope bracelet









kailani: crazy little sister

nohea: loving and supportive boyfriend



  • loosely based off of nani from lilo & stitch
  • was originally going to be my dragonsona but changed after I realized I had no plans for her



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