Augustus is an animus SkyWing, born to two warriors but abandoned soon after he hatched. He is currently five years old, living on his own and paying his way by running a shop, where he sells artifacts and valuable items that he may or may not have stolen.


Augustus has red scales and a black throat and belly. His wing membranes are black as well, and his neck and shoulders are covered in burn scars. He wears a golden chain around his neck, attached to which is a blue gem, believed to be a diamond. Around his wrists are dark grey bands, engraved with mysterious spirals and swirls. A black blade is attached to the end of his tail by a red ribbon, which has proven useful many times over in combat. One of his horns is broken, a reminder of an instance of combat long past, and he has a scar across his snout.


Augustus is generally good-natured, but he isn't very outgoing, despite interacting with customers on a daily basis. He has a good heart, but he can be pessimistic and cynical at times, sometimes hurting others with his words without meaning to. This happens especially when he is under a lot of stress or pressure.


Early Dragonethood

Augustus hatched under three full moons, but that of course doesn't mean anything for him because he isn't a NightWing. Just a fun fact. But great power did enter the world that day - his parents thought immediately that he was an animus, for the ground began to tremble and odd lights in the sky began to dance. They didn't know for sure that it was him, but they thought it couldn't possibly be a coincidence - everything started getting weird the second he hatched. Not wanting such a dangerous son, his parents hightailed it out of there, leaving him at nature's mercy.

The helpless dragonet's own earth-shaking rolled him under a sheltering tree, where he was safe from passing dragons or other dangers. Lucky for him, the tree was rooted too deeply and strongly to be toppled by the quake; otherwise, we'd have an Augustus pancake.

He spent his first few days under that tree, living off of its fruit and growing stronger. Strange things kept happening, whether he intended them to or not, but he was always safe and well, remaining content no matter how much the ground shook or the sky rumbled.


When he was big enough to fly, Augustus left the tree for a trading post near the Kingdom of Sand. It was there that he set up his shop, where new items were available each day. Merchants at trading posts on the other side of Pyrrhia frequently reported missing inventory.



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