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Atrium the LeafWing is the first LeafWing created by Cumulus. She appears briefly in Dragon Wars as an aid to Cumulus. Fun Fact: Atrium was created back when LeafWings were a fanon tribe!

Atrium Brown Wings
Background Information
Art by Joy Ang

Coloring by DraconicArtist

Creator Cumulus Cloud
Main Attribute Shyness
Elemental Attribute Leaf
Theme Animal Mole
Theme Color Green
MBTI Personality Secrecy
Character Information
Age 10
Gender Female
Tribe LeafWing
Goal Not to be recognized
Residence Outskirts of the Poison Jungle
Relatives Oak (sister), Macaranga (Brother)
Allies Cumulus
Enemies Shadisu the FlameWing/RevengeWing
Likes Quiet

Basic Info (Before Pantala)

Atrium is a young female LeafWing. Not much is known about her except she has met Cumulus before. She has a sister named Oak, and a brother named Macaranga. They're all from the SapWing branch of LeafWings. She is friends with Kangaroo, an animus SandWing.

How Kangaroo met Atrium will be explained in the upcoming short story From the Distant Kingdoms.


Atrium looks like a typical LeafWing. Her belly scales are a pale yellow-green. Some of the scales on her body a slightly darker shade of that color. The areas around her body with undefined scales are emerald green. Her wings are beaver colored.


Atrium's personality was slowly, but surely developed through the course of many roleplays. She started as a very shy LeafWing, which was due to the HiveWings cutting down her forest home. In the Poison Jungle, the rest of her tribe learned to adapt to the harsh environment but they became harsher and meaner in the process. She, like her fellow SapWing, Willow, are pacifists that believed they don't need to wipe out both the HiveWings and SilkWings.
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