Athena | She/Her | 5 DY | RainWing Princess | Rain/Night

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Athena dragon
Background Information
Creator Animal
Coder Pokeball
Main Attribute Passion for moons
Elemental Attribute Moons
Theme Animal Wolf
Theme Color Purple
Theme Song type here
MBTI Personality type here
Character Information
Age 5
Gender Female
Orientation type here
Occupation Student at Glory Academy
Tribe RainWings, NightWings
Goal To become queen of the RainWings and NightWings
Residence Glory's treehouse
Relatives Queen Glory (mother)

King Deathbringer (father)

Princess Firefly (sister)

Allies Her parents, her friends
Enemies Her sister
Likes looking at the moons, competitions, her pet sloth Mocha
Dislikes Firefly, losing, stinky stuff
Powers and abilities weaker RainWing venom, foreseeing, flexible tail, can only blend into shadows
Weapons incredible fighting skills
Quote "I want the throne, Firefly has no chance against me."


Athena is a RainWing NightWing hybrid princess. She has the build of a RainWing, but the common black scale base of a NightWing. Her underscales are purple, and so are her horns and claws. Her NightWing spikes make a pattern by going purple, pink, purple, pink. Her wingtips do the same. Her wings look like a purple and pink galaxy. Her eyes are lilac. Athena wears a moonstone bracelet on her left arm, and occasionally a crown of pink tulips on her head.


Athena is a true leader, and wise, just like the goddess she's named after. But, she has a weird obsession with the moons, as if they guide her. She is also very sarcastic, just like her parents and nothing like her sister, Princess Firefly. Athena hates Firefly, and they are huge rivals. They often play pranks on each other. Athena is also super competitive, and hates losing, especially her sister. (Which doesn't happen often)


Athena is the slightly younger sibling of Firefly, born seconds apart. Glory could tell Athena was the feistier on more leader-like of the two. As they grew up together, their rivalry got even worse. When it was time for the two to go to school, Firefly quickly made friends. It took Athena longer. Now, as they are growing older, they argue a lot and get into fights. Most are about who should be queen.


Name: type here

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  • I was going to re-name Athena Diana.
  • She was originally going to be the eldest sister by years
  • Can be rude and selfish when stressed.
  • Has a limited group of friends, unlike Firefly, who is everyone's BFF.
  • Thinks going to a school named after her mother is creepy
  • Hates rotting fruit

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