Aten is not very interesting, but thats what people who don't know him think.

In short: Happy dragon. Yay.


"So. Why am I here, and why is there a notable lack of food?"
- Aten.

Most of his scales are gold, with white scales along his sides to his tail. Aten's eyes are bright, electric blue, with more white scales around them. His horns and claws are very dark brown, he might be considered handsome, but he prefers to think of himself as 'attractive, but in an odd way'. But he just likes to think like that.


"Um.. HI! Im Aten, and you are?


Not responding. Thats fine!"
- Aten, to some dragon he randomly met.

Aten is the type of dragon who likes people, talking and going to the library at stupid early times. Sure, not like those activities often go together, but he manages it.

He is smart, but not a genus, he is often happy, but definitely not chipper. Aten thinks that he is quite well-rounded. And he knows exactly how awesome he is. Is he stuck up? Not much, he just has an ego.

Aten could be considered flirtatious, but he is really bad at flirting. Really. Bad.


"Oh! I completely forgot... You need to finish all these pages for tomorrow!

... Well don't look at me like that. Its your own fault. "
- Aten, to one of his students.

Many people think he has perfectly normal SandWing abilities, but thats what he wants them to think. He has been messing with what they think and saw since the first day. In reality, he is double-jointed in almost all of his limbs.

Sure, not much, but still awesome.


"So... This is odd. "
- Aten.

Aten does have a quite happy life, his students like him, his job pays well, and he has almost no social life. Why? He spends to much time grading papers.


"Um... So, how about I randomly change the topic?"
- Aten.

He had a completely normal life. Thats all.


- Aten means the 'disk of the sun' in Egyptian

NOTE: So, Aten is me saying that I don't just make sad OC's. Well, make of that what you will.

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