Atchafalaya, or "Falaya"/"Atcha" is a grown female MudWing, around 30 dragon years old. She is quite large, and is a bright, muddy terracotta. Her upper scales are a rich cocoa brown, and her eyes, horns, and wing membranes are a brilliant Georgia Red Clay color. She has no scars, but does have a few scales chipped off of her body from a shedding sickness as a dragonet. Other than that, she looks like an average MudWing, except she is noticeably skinnier(not lithe though, and still with large, bony frame).


Being a MudWing, ad a Bigwings, she is very over protective of her younger sisters, Apalachicola, Okefenokee, and Savannah, as well has her brothers Chattahoochee, Seminole, and Flint. This defines a major part of her persona, but it's not the only thing she has going for her. She loves to explore the Diamond Spray Delta and River, as well as the other rivers of Pyrrhia. Mainly used for territorial borders like the Great Five-Tail, or for transport, she actually takes a genuine interest in studying, showing, and conserving the drainage basins of Pyrrhia and their biodiversity. A harden scientists, but with a big heart, she gives her life and drive to good causes, but she can think for herself and not get caught in hype that does nothing to help. However, she's certainly not perfect, she can be very quick to anger and sometimes over commits to a single contribution.

She can get overzealous, and a bit overprotective, though she certainly means well.


Atchafalaya was born in the Diamond Spray Delta, where the lowest MudWings live. She came from a family of middling means, and had to work hard to provide for her siblings. Times got hard once or twice, but she always knew what to do. When her siblings reached adulthood, she decided to focus more on herself, as taking care of six younger siblings with enormous appetites had drained her. She enrolled in a few classes, and, with a bit of self-taught knowledge, became a fairly successful limnologist(river science). She hasn't had a dangerous or overly hard life, though she was certainly not privileged. Her siblings, however, may have different stories.
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