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Asuga's life has been one non-stop run of bad luck. An absent father, a demanding mother, expectations they don't feel like they can reach. Not to mention the monsters. But after a tragedy forced them to run, the place they reached might finally make their life look up.
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"Call me shortie again. I f***ing dare you."
- Asuga

Their tribe is not known for bulkiness or towering heights. Yet even for a TempestWing, Asuga is remarkably short, a full head shorter than most dragons they meet. Their build is similarly small and lean. An aerodynamic form with angles sharp enough to cut, reed-thin legs tipped with delicate paws. However, those delicate paws have razor-sharp claws, their tail lashes whiplike across the ground, their yellow eyes frequently glow, and their neck arches like a coiling serpent's. They are small but mighty.

Dark gray scales cover their body, the color of a stormcloud ready to unleash its wrath. They seem to darken further in moments of rage or grief, and lighten to a dove gray in moments of joy or excitement. The transitional stripe snaking across their sides is a brilliant spring green. Their underscales are a mint green speckled with a darker green, called mint chocolate chip by their friend that they don't have. A matching shade colors the jagged stripes on their wings.

Besides their personality, their wings are the only large thing about Asuga. Roughly the size of a grown SkyWing's, they drag along the ground, much to their chagrin, yet let them soar like a kite in the air. The membrane is a lighter gray, the color of the shale found in the Claws of the Clouds mountains. Or so they are told. They've never seen where their mother met their father, and they have no intention to.

Despite their complicated relationship with Kuuki, they have several features marking them as their child. Feathery crests extend from their jawline, a darker jade mixed with flashes of spring green. The same feathers tip their ears, giving them an excellent sense of hearing. Their horns and long spines are a cream color, with the horns sticking straight back. Though they may not look it, the horns are very heavy, and Asuga's headbutts can cause some fairly serious injuries if they're angry enough.

In terms of attire, the TempestWing is fairly cavalier when it comes to gender roles. For them, the only defining attribute of an outfit is whether it looks cool. Vests and arm bracers are particular favorites. Even then, they rarely wear more than a few articles of clothing, preferring to have room to maneuver at any given time.

One exception is their piercings. Three in each ear, several in their horns, and one in their nose. They change every day, ranging from pearls worthy of any SeaWing queen to pointed silver to carved wooden roses. As far as anyone knows, they've always had them. Nobody can remember a time when they didn't.


"I don't trust easily. Not even in the kami."
- Asuga

Outside of their appearance, Asuga has very little in common with their father. Kuuki is calm, idealistic, poetic, adventurous, composed, open-minded, and decisive. His child is very few of those things.

They are reckless and impulsive, never turning down a dare and rarely looking before they leap. This often gets them into trouble, though they don't usually regret their actions if they feel that the outcome was worth the punishment.

Once they make a decision or form an opinion, they stubbornly stand by it, even if others tell them they are wrong. Only in the most extreme of circumstances do they change their mind. Combined with their fiery temper, this has caused many arguments between Asuga and other campers, most ending in a physical fight.

This stubbornness also makes them reluctant to forgive, and they remember even the smallest slight aimed at them, nursing grudges against anyone who has ever wronged them. Being looked down on or disrespected is a major insult to them, and those who act that way towards them are at the top of their list. If there's anyone they've forgiven, it's certainly not public knowledge. Their pettiness rivals the most famous diva, and if someone is catty towards them, you can rest assured they will not let it lie.

Asuga has deep-seated trust issues stemming from various incidents throughout their life, and forms snap judgments based on their first impressions of dragons. If they don't like you at first meeting, it's doubtful that they ever will. They are extremely difficult to manipulate or persuade, and even attempting to do so will likely end in cutting winds aimed at your face. In their mind, the world is composed of decent dragons and those who take advantage of the decent dragons, and the untrustworthy far outnumber those that can be trusted. Due to this, they rarely make an effort to interact with others or make friends, feeling that they will be let down in the end.

Cynical and pessimistic, they have a knack for seeing the worst in dragons, even when others don't. While this has saved their life on more than one occasion, it causes more than a few problems for them. Asuga is also brutally honest, even when it would be better to lie, and they have frequently told campers and counselors things they don't want to hear or that they're trying to keep secret. When they do attempt to lie, it's a spectacle worth watching, as they cannot tell a falsehood no matter how hard they try. Half-truths and misdirection are the exception, for it's in the gray areas that they tend to operate.

Their high-pressure childhood and the expectations placed on them causes them to not think very highly of themselves, especially in regards to their status as a demikami and the powers that come with that. Even after hours of training, they will chastise themselves for not being able to be as strong or fast or powerful as some of the other campers. Raiu could have swum that much faster. Kasaisuke has far more control over her element than they do. Gin is way better at close-quarters combat. That is their internal refrain, but they will die before they mention any of that to others. Instead, they grit their teeth and push harder, regardless of injury. It's no surprise that they are a frequent fixture at the healing huts.

Being raised among the TempestWing military has made their sense of humor acerbic, sarcastic, and black as coal. Always ready with a snarky remark or put-down, it's sometimes difficult to tell whether they are insulting you or telling you a joke. Another product of that unorthodox dragonethood is a truly foul mouth, which is evident the second they begin to speak. They have met the rudest, crudest, and toughest warriors of every tribe, learning curse words and insults from all corners of Pyrrhia. Elegant jabs from RainWing spies, blunt rebuttals from MudWing generals, fiery affronts from SkyWing strike forces, Asuga knows it all and is not shy about showing it off. There are rumors that they even know curses in Aquatic, which makes the camp's SeaWings a little jumpy around them.

Though they are very unlike their father at first glance, they do possess one of his traits. Like Kuuki, they crave adventure, but lack his restraint. They want to find out new things no matter what the consequences might be, a mindset that has gotten them and others into lots of trouble. To Asuga, forbidden knowledge is the best kind, and exploring isn't the same without a little danger. Because of this, they are bored out of their mind in classes that require maximum effort for a minimum payoff, such as math and some parts of science. If something doesn't catch their interest, they don't spend much effort in learning it unless absolutely necessary.

Despite their gruff and blunt exterior, Asuga does have a soft side, particularly when it comes to younger dragons or animals. They are firm but fair with them, though they do sometimes teach the younger campers things the adults would rather not have them know. They are far more comfortable with animals than dragons, and it shows, for they have made a habit of walking into the forest at night. To them, potential injury by wild animals is preferable to sitting at the campfire with half the camp.

Their soft side also extends to their siblings, both in the Kuuki cabin and not. While they have mixed feelings about their parents, they don't blame their brothers and sisters for their bad childhood, instead seeking to protect them from going through what they went through. As such, they can be extremely overprotective, making a habit of scaring the living daylights out of any dragon being hostile towards them, and will willingly do anything for them, regardless of how illegal or ill-advised it might be.


"What happened before I came here doesn't matter to me, and it certainly shouldn't matter to you. Go away before I get angry."
- Asuga

TW for general non-acceptance, ableist standards, emotional abuse, unintentional murder, and assisted suicide

The egg that would become Asuga was conceived through an accident. A TempestWing Strike Force mission had gone badly wrong. Lightning Squadron's new lieutenant, Falcon's Fury, had stayed behind to cover the retreat of the rest of the squadron, leaving her stranded in the Claws of the Clouds Mountains. Suffering from exposure, infected battle wounds, and dehydration, she would almost certainly die if she stayed, but leaving meant giving up the shelter she had found.

Falcon's Fury noticed the strange dragon on the third night. He was a bright green, with long horns, feathery crests, and glowing markings all over his body. After a tension-filled first meeting, in which she pinned him and threatened to impale him with her spear, she learned that he was not just strange, but a kami as well.

Her abrasive personality drove most dragons away, so she was surprised when he spent the night with her. Didn't a kami have better things to do than deal with a TempestWing that didn't need their pity, she asked him, in perhaps a harsher tone than she had intended.

Kuuki just laughed. It was precisely because she didn't think she needed his help that he was giving it. She was strong, but she couldn't be strong all the time.

From then on, Falcon began to fall for him. They spent one long week together in the mountains before voices came to them on the wind. The rest of Lightning Squadron, recovered from their injuries, had come looking for their lieutenant.

When the voices grew closer, Kuuki unfurled his wings, a sad look on his face. He couldn't stay, and they both knew that. Still, it was difficult to explain to the soldiers under her command why she was crying in an empty cave.

The lieutenant returned to a hero's welcome. Her actions, while insubordinate and unorthodox, had saved Lightning Squadron from certain death. When the general of Lightning Squadron retired from active duty, Falcon proudly took his place. That same week, she found out that she was with egg.

The dragonet that would be known as Asuga was born with a different name. Silent Breeze grew up squarely in the public eye, her only friends the children of other military families, and even then she was expected to spend more time training and studying rather than playing. Her mother pushed her to be the best, and failure was the target of scorn and ridicule. She was expected to follow her mother into the field of battle, even though the young TempestWing would much rather spend her days exploring.

The only bright spot in such a harsh childhood was her mom's friend Pax. Pax had a child named Dusk's Keen who Silent got along with like a house on fire, dragging the hybrid into the woods to explore whenever her mom and Pax argued. After a while, though, Dusk and his mom stopped coming, to the bewilderment of Silent. Hadn't she been a good friend?

When Silent was about eleven, she confided in her mother that she didn't feel like a girl, or a boy. She didn't want a gender, and wanted to be addressed as they. Their mother took it badly, and they never brought it up again. If their mother didn't want to hear it, then it probably wasn't worth it to push the issue.

One year later, Silent had their first birthday party in twelve years. They had begged and pleaded their mother to be allowed to have other dragons over for a celebration at Whitesand Cove, and their mother capitulated.

Silent sent the invitations themself, working hard to get each name right and finding out each dragon's address. But dragons knew by now about the weird dragonet, and dragonets could be cruel. On the day of the party, no one showed up. Not even Dusk.

They were heartbroken, and their mother wasn't much help. If they really wanted a party, they should have been a more normal dragonet and a better daughter, she said.

Silent had finally had enough. They screamed at their mother, crying out that they didn't ask to be her child and that they didn't want to be their daughter anymore. Parents were supposed to love their children, not use them to secure their legacies. Wind howled through the no longer silent sky, Silent's kami abilities manifesting for the first time.

That was when the first yokai appeared. Drawn to the spot by an outburst of kami power, they summoned their monstrous friends, converging on Silent and their mother.

The yokai roared, and Silent's rage exploded.

A tornado burst into being, decimating the coastline and the surrounding monsters. The last thing Silent heard was the rumbling of the cliffs behind them.

When they awoke, they found themselves bleeding and unable to move more than a few feet. The unexpected stress of the winds on the cliffside had caused a collapse, leaving them trapped under several miles of rock.

However bad their situation was, a look to the side told them their mother had fared far worse. The rocks had landed squarely on Falcon's wings and spine, crippling the TempestWing general beyond hope of recovery. She would live if they ever got out, but she would never walk or fly again.

After intense pressure from Silent, their mother finally told them them the truth. They were the child of Kuuki, the kami of air, and the yokai wanted to kill them because of that. Silent didn't take it well, leading to yet another argument between mother and child.

At the height of the argument, when both parties were screaming, Falcon spat at them to kill her. She was crippled for life, she explained, and her career was done. Her life wasn't worth anything anymore.

Those words gave Silent their second heartbreak of the day. Didn't their mother value them enough? Weren't they worth living for? Was her career all that mattered to their mother? They refused, tears streaming down their face.

Their mother insisted, screaming filth and abuse at them. No wonder they couldn't do it, they were a worthless freak of a child, too broken to even be a proper daughter, she should have just smashed her egg when she conceived it, nothing good ever came from lying with a god-

Silent didn't have control yet, you see. They were acting on instinct alone, and when their powers registered Falcon as a threat, they attacked without thinking. In moments, all the air had drained out of their mother's lungs, and they fell unconscious next to her body.

They don't know how long they were down there, surrounded by stone and death. The next thing they remembered was being dragged out of the rubble by familiar talons. Their mother's friends had noticed her absence, and had dug them out.

Silent stumbled over the grassy plains, leaving the military dragons to dig up what they already knew they would find. They stared out at the Windchase Plains, only for a horrific scene to meet their eyes.

The tornado hadn't stopped. They had blacked out from summoning it, but the tornado hadn't stopped moving. It had gone right over the plains, headed straight for the unsuspecting TempestWing competitors that always dotted the fields.

The total death toll was later registered at 50 dragons, victim to a freak accident in the weather.

They heard a shout, echoing across the winds toward them. Their mother's friends had found Falcon's body, bloodshot eyes a telltale sign of asphyxiation, which meant foul play.

Silent panicked. They hadn't meant to, they said, they were so sorry, they hadn't meant to, they never did.

They still don't know who attacked first. All they remember was deflecting the spear with a wind current, then the shouts of "Freak!" filling the air. They fled, arrows sailing after them and tears in their eyes.

For five years, they roamed Pyrrhia, never staying in one place for too long, hiding out in the most wild and uninhabited parts of the continent, and avoiding any contact with other dragons. When their sixth year in the wilderness came about, they were approached by a strange dragon.

Asuga did not trust that dragon, but the dragon was stronger than they were, and he ended up dragging them to a weird camp and dumping them at the feet of a burly RainWing healer. Little did the TempestWing know that the healer would become one of their lifelong friends, and later something more.



"Did you know that strong enough winds can tear through metal? Which means I can tear through metal. Make of that what you will."
- Asuga

Wind Manipulation: As a child of Kuuki, Asuga can create, shape, and manipulate air and wind. This ranges from gentle breezes to tornadoes and screaming gales, a powerful skill that they have put immense effort into mastering after the tragedy that forced them to leave home. Much of their free time is devoted to training as hard as they can, and they are more than willing to take risks, even put their own life in danger, in an attempt to master a certain technique. However, they will not endanger the lives of others while training, even if it means starting the entire session over again. They've hurt enough bystanders already.

The techniques Asuga has mastered are listed below:

Air ball: They can create a compressed ball of air by moving their paws together in a circular motion. This technique has many applications such as lifting small objects or trapping opponents. When playing with younger campers, Asuga often uses this technique to give them something to play catch with. Air balls can also be used in a more offensive manner. Propelled forward similar to a cannonball, they can knock opponents over or off balance.

Air blast: A more offensive maneuver involving a direct pulse or jet of compressed air shot from the paws or mouth. The force of the attack is generated more from their own power rather than assisted by momentum. The blast can reach further distances with greater accuracy and is used to inflict greater damage. Asuga often uses this move in combat, throwing a knife before sending an air blast directly after the blade. Propelled by gale-force winds, the knife can pierce things it wouldn't have been able to if it was thrown manually, including metal, rock, and occasionally armor if the armor is made shoddily enough. The blasts can also be maintained for prolonged periods in order to push objects back, which they sometimes use to win kite races if they're feeling competitive.

Air bomb: A technique which creates a powerful, outward-moving air current in all directions around Asuga. Usually performed after landing on the ground from above, this technique has great concussive force, and the capacity to completely blow away anything within its radius. After the jumping on the bed incident, air bombs are now banned in the Kuuki cabin for the foreseeable future.

Air cushion: Asuga can make a cushion out of air to break anyone's fall, including their own. Despite being a fairly good flier, they use this technique more often than they care to admit.

Air punch/Air kick: Unlike their father and some of their siblings, Asuga tends to manipulate the wind in a way that is more aggressive than that of the typical Kuuki kid. Used by Asuga and some of their more combat-oriented siblings, air punches or air kicks are small, compressed formations of air that can be fired off of their paws. They don't tend to use this technique often, as they are more of a ranged fighter, but they are more than willing to employ it to cheat in mandatory claw-to-claw training. To them, in a real fight, honor means you get killed faster than the rest.

Air shield: Asuga's most common defensive tactic involves circling enemies, suddenly changing direction when attacked and evading by physical movement rather than through using their powers. They're agile with or without their powers, and they don't like to manipulate the wind unless they need to. However, Asuga can still deflect attacks as needed by throwing up gusts of air close to their body as a shield. This is rarely to stop attacks directly and more often to push the attack aside, conserving energy and allowing them to turn the movement into an attack at the same moment. They've found this technique to be extremely useful when fighting children of Kasai and blood-egg MudWings. Even if you're resistant or immune to fire, fire blasts are still a significant distraction when pushed back towards your face.

Air swipe: The air swipe is both a defensive and offensive technique in which Asuga conjures a crescent-shaped wave of compressed air capable of deflecting colossal projectiles, such as the massive boulders often used in combat by children of Chikyuu, or redirecting them back to their attacker. Just because you can lift a boulder with your mind doesn't mean that it won't squish you, as several of Asuga's arena opponents have found to their chagrin.

Breath of wind: Similar to the standard air blast, but created from the mouth and lungs. It requires extremely good breath control to employ effectively, something Asuga does not have. Consequently, it's more difficult for them to control the size and focus of the technique, and it often shifts randomly from narrow jets of air to large, gale-force gusts. They've broken too many wind instruments this way, and are now restricted to the audience on music nights at camp.

Enhanced speed: Asuga is capable of enhancing their movement using air. They can run swiftly by decreasing air resistance around them and even sprint across or run up vertical surfaces by generating a wind current behind themselves to propel them forward. They often use this to run many times faster than an average dragon and maintain this for long periods, allowing them to travel long distances without flying or gliding. A drawback of this is that it takes a while to weaken the air propulsion, often causing them to overshoot the mark they were aiming for, run much farther than they intended to, or crash into someone or something before they can slow down. Because of this, Asuga doesn't increase their speed during real fights unless there isn't another option. They know that the consequences if they screw up will be infinitely more painful than a bruise.

Heat regulation: Asuga is able to warm themself using proper breathing technique, allowing them to thrive in frigid environments with relative ease. They often sleep on the roof of their cabin, both because of their dislike of enclosed spaces and because the cold doesn't bother them.

Suction: A technique used to bring objects or people towards them, Asuga usually uses this technique to retrieve their knives after a fight, steal an enemy's weapon, or to snag the last crab leg during dinner.

Due to their daily and difficult training regimen, Asuga is more skilled at manipulating air and wind than some of their siblings, and has mastered certain techniques that they have not. Those techniques are listed below.

Air blades: This technique involves a focused, slicing air current that can cut through stone or timber with relative ease. Asuga frequently conjures these with their knives rather than their body, using the narrow profile of the object to create a more focused and precise air movement.

Air cocoon: Asuga can rotate while jumping to wrap themself in a cocoon of wind. While the move is extremely effective against smaller projectiles, concussive force can disrupt Asuga's concentration, weakening the strength of the cocoon and allowing it to be dissipated by further hits.

Air propulsion: Using this technique, Asuga can propel themself forward at great speed by negating the effect of wind resistance. Combined with their propensity for headbutts, this has caused more than a few concussions among their opponents.

Air vortex: A spinning funnel of air of varying size, the air vortex can be used to trap or disorient opponents as well as to deflect any objects thrown at it. Asuga used this technique to shield themself from the arrows and spears of their mother's squadron, and has not used it since. The memory is just too painful.

Air wake: By running in a circle and instantly building massive momentum, Asuga can shoot a blast of highly compressed air shaped like their body at a target. This move has extremely high concussive force, and they have broken windows both by accident and on purpose when they've used it. 

Asphyxiation: A rather sinister technique, whereby Asuga manipulates the flow of air within a dragon's respiratory system, extracting it from the lungs via the nostrils and mouth, and prevents any new intake of breath by forming a ball of air around the head, thus eventually killing the victim by suffocation. They have used this move only once, and it caused them great personal trauma.

Tornado: Asuga is able to summon a very large and very powerful tornado, though only in exceptional circumstances, such as being in the throe of strong emotions. Without the help of other children of Kuuki, they are unable to maintain the tornado for long periods of time, though the raw strength of the technique usually makes prolonging it unnecessary. Regardless of the power it possesses, Asuga is unwilling to create a tornado unless they or others will die if one isn't formed, and even then they greatly regret the destruction such a move causes. Unfortunately, their status as a child of the Elemental Four means that they are often questioned about just how powerful they are, and questions to do with tornadoes make up a majority of those inquiries. They understand the curiosity of younger campers, but campers their age should know when to stop asking. If they don't, perhaps a demonstration of their knife skills is in order.


Emotion-Based Power Instability: While Asuga does have a large amount of control over their wind and air manipulation, they have yet to overcome their emotional power fluctuations. Put simply, whenever Asuga is feeling any strong emotion, such as rage or sadness or fear, their powers act of their own accord, often focusing on the cause of their emotional distress. This has led to frequent injuries and destruction of property, making them disliked by many of their fellow campers. Unfortunately, the bursts of power only stop when Asuga has calmed down, which is usually a very long time considering their anger issues and ability to hold a grudge.

Fire: One of the reasons Asuga has yet to beat Kasaisuke in a sparring match is due to their powers' weakness involving fire. While not an issue when defensive techniques are involved, such as air shields or air cocoons, offensive maneuvers like air gusts or air swipes can prove a problem when facing a skilled enough child of Kasai. If a fire blast is loosed at just the right moment, it can devour the pure oxygen in the air, strengthening the fire and deflecting the air attack. When used correctly, it can make the fire too strong to defend against in time, forcing Asuga to take evasive action and giving their opponent an advantage they can use to win the fight.


"Is a knife evil? Only if the wielder is evil. I like to think I'm pretty grey in terms of morality, so I'm not really sure if that quote applies to me. I am good with knives, though."
- Asuga

Enhanced Hearing: Like all TempestWings, Asuga has better hearing than a dragon from another tribe. Unlike most TempestWings, their status as a demikami means that only one of their senses is enhanced, and all others are the same as another dragon's. Asuga has learned to cope with the lack of all of their senses being enhanced by using their powers to direct air particles, allowing them to listen to voices on the wind and hear faraway conversations, something TempestWings that aren't children of Kuuki can't do.

Knife Mastery: As a child of a war hero, Asuga was borderline forced into picking a weapon of choice at a young age. They ignored the strong spears and stealthy darts, instead making their way to a bracer of throwing knives, the tips still stained with blood. They practiced for long hours with the blades, desperate to please their mother. On their birthday, they planned to surprise her with a demonstration of what they'd learned. However, they wound up using the knives on monsters instead.

Since then, Asuga has only increased in skill, able to throw several knives at once, hit moving targets in anatomical weak spots, deflect blows from stronger opponents by catching the strikes on their knife hilts, and throw a knife fast enough to immediately follow it with a blast of air. They are one of the best knife fighters at camp, good enough to beat a child of Sensou in a sparring match without using their powers.

Flying: Due to a healthy amount of natural skill, an intense training regimen set out by their mother, and their innate abilities as a child of Kuuki, Asuga is an incredibly talented flier. While they aren't as good as they would like to be at endurance flying, they shine in terms of agility, able to dodge thrown projectiles and weave through other dragons in the air far better than their mother, a Lightning Squadron general, ever could.

They also have incredible speed. They are able to accelerate from a dead stop to a full-on sprint in just under a minute, a shift in speed not even a SkyWing could match. However, they are still unable to meet Torryn's top speed, their brother's SkyWing blood giving them an edge their sibling is hard-pressed to beat.

Swimming: Despite not having an inborn ability to breathe underwater, this does not stop Asuga from having a deep-seated love of swimming and diving. They can hold their breath for longer than a MudWing due to their wind manipulation, allowing for less risk when diving and an easier time of it while doing laps or swimming out to a rocky point. They are slower underwater than in the air, though their top speed is still impressive.

Nature Knowledge: Asuga roamed the continent for several years after their flight from TempestWing territory, wandering from place to place and never truly settling anywhere until their arrival at Camp Gin Chi. Because of this, they have a large amount of knowledge about the animals, plants, and environments of every tribe's territory. They are able to discern what is and isn't safe to eat, rattle off the landmarks, borders, and hazards of different Pyrrhian environments, track animals through following their prints, find shelter in a hurry, identify any animal or plant put in front of them, and successfully hunt on the land, in the air, and underwater.

Military Knowledge: While other school-age dragons were enjoying their summer off, Asuga was answering questions posed by every military figure their mother knew, and several that she didn't. They all assumed the dragonet would be a soldier like their mother, and thus peppered them with questions about rank, military history, weapons, tribal enemies, important battles, tactics, and squadrons. Then they started on everything listed above, but for all the other tribes, and by the end of it Asuga was ready to pop from the stress. To their chagrin, they remember most, if not all, of what they were taught, making them equally skilled at healing, strategizing, and combat. The one thing they don't regret are the stories. As it turns out, soldiers are always foulmouthed regardless of tribe or rank.

Kami Knowledge: When they learned their father was a god, their first question was where he had been all of this time. Asuga didn't get their answer until they reached Camp Gin Chi, where they were promptly directed to the camp library. They pored over every scroll relating to the kami that they could get their claws on, ranging from the history of the kami to their spheres of influence to who was related to who and why. By the end of it, they knew almost everything about the kami, including the code of conduct the kami abided by, but the answer they had come for was only partially answered. Sure, their father had to leave because he was needed in Mikadia. Why, then, had he never contacted them? Other kami had contacted their children, so it couldn't be a hard and fast rule, if it was one. Could he be disappointed in them? Was he simply unaware of their existence, or did he not care either way? They still don't know the answer to the second part of their question, and it bugs them to no end.

Acrobatics: The constant movement required by wind manipulation makes Asuga naturally flexible and agile. They regularly utilize flips, jumps, and spins in combat, preferring to dodge close-quarters attacks before moving out of range to retaliate. Even without the use of their powers they can easily maneuver around an opponent by ducking, jumping, and side stepping, appearing to flow around their opponents without expending any energy at all, letting the opponent tire themselves out and thus creating exploitable openings. This conservation of energy combined with high stamina gives them an advantage in prolonged combat. Like all children of Kuuki, Asuga has a naturally light step, though this is often cancelled out by their many attempts at risk-taking, most of which end in loud cursing.


Claw-to-Claw Combat: Asuga has excellent agility and reflexes, but when it comes to close-quarters fighting, those attributes aren't much of a help. They are not very strong, so while they can land many hits they have little to no effect on their opponent. Their durability is also awful, making one good hit enough to take them out of the fight. Their only hope of winning fights is through cheating, either through not-exactly-legal strikes or through using their powers. Depending on whoever's overseeing the area that day, they either get in trouble or get a talking-to, both of which Asuga is okay with.

Claustrophobia: Due to the events at Whitesand Cove, where they were trapped in rubble from the cliffs with their mother, Asuga has a deep and violent fear of enclosed spaces. Even the idea of entering such a space makes them uneasy. Their claustrophobia is so severe, it renders them completely helpless, their powers running amok until they are free of the space or until Asuga is knocked unconscious. They have been knocked out more than once to prevent a natural disaster from occurring.

Loud Noises: Since their hearing is enhanced, Asuga is vulnerable to loud noises, like thunder. If they are prepared for a loud noise, it only causes them mild discomfort. However, an unexpected loud noise can stun, disorient, or even temporarily deafen them.


"I can count the number of dragons I like on one paw and still have plenty of claws left over."
- Asuga


Kuuki: Asuga never met their father, and their mother only told them the truth about him when their birthday turned tragic. They were furious at the unseen kami who let them fight off monsters alone, who never told them who they were, who had let their mother be crippled. If their father was a kami, why hadn't he done anything? Did he not care? Did he just want to watch?

Over the years, their resentment has softened somewhat as they learned about the politics, though to them that doesn't excuse years of no communication. They know demikami whose parents are presences in their life even through the politics, so why can't Kuuki make an effort? They still blame him for the tornado, though. If they blame him, they don't have to blame themself.

Then they nearly died, and he finally showed his face. WIP

Falcon's Fury: Asuga had a complicated relationship with their mom. While she was a good parent to them, they couldn't reach the expectations being the child of a war hero brought. Falcon expected the best of them, and tolerated no excuses for being unable to meet those standards. They could never impress her, no matter how hard they tried. Not to mention that she did not approve of them being nonbinary, so Asuga mostly hid it, for it was yet another thing they'd failed at.

Then they crippled their mother on that fateful day at Whitesand, who asked them to end her suffering. They did, and even though it was what Falcon wanted, they have yet to forgive themselves for the act. The unidentified perpetrator of the Whitesand Cove Massacre and the killer of Falcon's Fury is still wanted by the TempestWings, a final, painful reminder of how they failed their mother. Even years later, they keep their heritage a closely guarded secret, especially to other TempestWings who know the full extent of Falcon's fame, unwilling to revisit the painful memories questions bring.

Dusk's Keen: Asuga first met Dusk through his mother, who was friends with Falcon's Fury. They immediately clicked with the hybrid, becoming an extremely bad influence on the otherwise shy dragonet. Between the two of them, they likely gave Pax and Falcon enough heart attacks to kill a MudWing. Over time, their bond deepened to the point where they considered Dusk a sibling, not to mention the only family member they didn't want to stab.

However, when Asuga turned eleven, things took a turn for the worse. After a painful confrontation with their mother about their gender identity, the TempestWing rushed to the secret spot they and Dusk shared, only to find him gone. Unbeknownst to them, Pax had been killed and Dusk taken away, though since they did not know this they blamed themself. Their feelings of being abandoned hit their height on their birthday, when the card they sent to Dusk inviting him to their party returned unopened.

When they were dragged to Camp Gin Chi against their will, they finally saw their brother again, only to be crushed when he didn't remember a single thing about them. WIP

Hurricane: Asuga frequently butts heads with their brother and head of the House of Kuuki, their issues with authority figures putting a slight damper on their relationship. WIP

Kaze: Asuga is cordial with their sister, though not as close as they would like to be. They keep their distance, which isn't a choice they made lightly. They know she notices things, and they don't want her to bring up something painful. Kaze is too much of a sweetheart to hear about how much of a horrible dragon their sibling is.

Torryn: Asuga is extremely protective of their younger brother. They know he gets into fights easily, and regardless of who the offending party was, you can count on Asuga to beat the hell out of anyone who hurts or threatens Torryn.

Camp Gin Chi


Konton: WIP

Titanoboa: Asuga strongly dislikes the head of the Warrior Pathway for several reasons. They have a deep-seated loathing of authority figures, as they view authorities as dragons who put expectations on them that they can't reach. They also clash with the SandWing about honor and morality, viewing Titanoboa's honor code as a weakness and something that will only get him killed. Good dragons die regardless of how honorable they were in combat. It frustrates them, because while they resent many things about him, they do respect his skill as a fighter. To them, he is too good of a fighter to be this naive about fighting.


Coruscation: Initially, Asuga loathed the RainWing daughter of Sensou. They didn't need a babysitter to show them around someplace they didn't want to be, and they certainly didn't need to be criticized constantly about their sarcasm and black humor. Yet over time, they grew to respect Coruscation, eventually forming a close friendship. The friendship also progressed into a crush, which Asuga vehemently denied existed until the RainWing revealed that she felt the same way. Now, they are happily dating her, and are ready at all times to thrash the poor dragons that think two extremely different dragons can't be in love.

Raiu: The daughter of Raitoningu is the subject of Asuga's deep resentment, though not for the reasons that you might think. They are fine with her attitude and antisocial tendencies. It's her many skills that they hate. Elemental manipulation, claw-to-claw combat, blade wielding, flying, swimming, and so much more. Everything that they are good at, Raiu is better at. She is the daughter their mother would have wanted instead of the child that they got, and this is why Asuga loathes her so much.


"I'm an enigma, and it's more fun to stay that way. Convince me why I should reveal anything about myself."
- Asuga
  • They keep a count of monsters they've killed, but won't reveal the number unless pressed
  • They name their knives. So far they have Maimer, Swift Death, Blooddrinker, Crippler, Fatality, and Vivisector
  • Unlike most demikami, who gain their scars from battle, most of Asuga's scars have come from doing something stupid
    • The causes of those scars include many failed attempts at cooking, annoying the local wildlife, and more than a few ill-advised knife tricks
  • Due to their reckless nature, they adore Truth or Dare
  • They enjoy nature, and often disappear into the woods or water for long periods at a time, coming back with the head of some ancient monster and grinning ear to ear
  • They have a list of dragons who've ticked them off
  • They love riddles
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