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BFF is Honeycomb!

BTW, The lyrics on this page are super heart breaking, so read them if you won't tear up.

Asriel Jada


Long ago, men and beasts

Ruled the earth and had their feasts

We'll return to days of yore

So promises King Asgore

From a distance, Asriel looks like a regular SilkWing. When you look closer, you can see that she has LeafWing-like patterns on her. Her main scales are neon lime green, and she has yellow underscales.

Her snout, LeafWing spots, arm fronts, & some wing parts are purple. She also has a yellow heart pattern on her cheek.


So much blood, so much pain

Now I've lost my son again

One day soon, freedom shall ring

So proclaims the mountain king

Asriel is a docile, unadventurous dragon. She cares for Honeycomb as a sibling, and she trusts them heavily. Asriel hates it when Honeycomb is being mind-controlled by Queen Wasp.


Long ago there was peace

They all lived happily

Cherishing every breath

In many times well spentSuddenly things went wrong

They could not get along

Darker days loomed ahead

Their stomachs filled with dread

Common sense forgotte

nIt was friend against friend

Civil war ends sadly

Humans showed no MERCY



Monsters forced underground

So our tale begins now

Child of the world above

Fell below, was shown LOVE


Asriel cares for her friend deeply, almost like a sibling. The two are deeply connected. Asriel said once that she'd risk her life for Honeycomb.


Where am I?

Did I die?

Looking up

I see the sky

  • Ironically named after the UNDERTALE character
  • LOVES Biscuits as much as Cardia does
  • Most dragons think she's an odd SilkWing
  • Secretly has leafspeak, cuz why the heck not.
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