Background Information
Creator Sebastian Moonblade
Artist ReverbtheDragon
Coder Jelly
Main Attribute His mysteriousness
Elemental Attribute Night
Theme Flower Cherry Plum
Theme Color Gold/Tan
Theme Song
Character Information
Age Unknown
Gender Male
Orientation Asexual
Occupation Magician/ Fortune teller
Tribe SandWing
Goal type here
Residence The Traveling circus
Relatives type here
Allies everyone in the traveling circus
Enemies type here
Likes Surprising people, Cards
Dislikes Doubters, people who try and see through his magic.
Powers and abilities Tarot card reading, “magic”, normal SandWing abilities
Weapons Tail barb (non fatal venom)
Quote “Magic happens when you do not give up, even when you want to. The universe always falls in love with a stubborn heart”


"Ah, You’re looking for the Magician"

Asra is a SandWing that verges on the small side in size. His scales are mostly a darker tan flecked with gold, most notably the two large spots below his eye. His frill appears more fur like and his a walnut color, his frill shortens up on his lower neck and back but gets fluffier towards the end of his tail nearly hiding his barb. His horns and talons are a dark gold and his wing webbing are a light tan. Asra’s eyes are a gold/amber color. He is usually seen wearing his thin scarf, dice horn adornment, and matching earring + necklace that has the suits of cards.(see art) He can sometimes even be seen with a large reticulated python draped around his neck


"Be careful what you wish for"

Asra is difficult to predict, but he can always be depended on to arrive whenever his friends need him, whether they know it or not. He is free-spirited and sociable, though he prefers to spend his time alone or with his close friends within the circus. He also enjoys teasing others with a mischievous humor and he is pleased when they get flustered. However when the teasing is returned, or when he receives genuine affection, he usually appears uncertain of how to respond or even flustered himself. Carefree and content to live in the moment, Asra dislikes worrying about the future, and will remind everyone to do the same.


"I’ve been working with him for a long while, and I still don’t know much about his past"

Asra was hatched in a small magic oriented village around the edges of the desert. The village was a very close knit but secretive place, very rarely letting strangers stay for more than a few nights. Asra himself had a very loving mother and father, and like many of the other villagers, they practiced a specialized version of tarot magic. His father was favored by the Sun, while his mother was favored by the Empress. As such he was raised in a very hopeful, nurturing home and he started practicing magic at a very young age. When he turned three it became apparent that he was not only favored, but also blessed by the Magician. When his parents discovered this they brought in the village elder, favored and blessed by Temperance, to help teach and guide Asra’s newfound power. The elder taught Asra all they could about his magic but that was not enough. So when he finally gained permission from his parents, he struck out on his own to learn all that he could. On his travels he joined up with a traveling circus and became a well known magician. After making a lot of friends and discovering even more, he decided to stay and make a home with the circus and he sharpens his magic everyday as he performs before the crowds.


"He’ll be there for you when you need him, that’s all you need to know"



"You want to know...about me?"

  • Asra is favored and blessed by the Magician card of the Tarot
  • He is very unpredictable
  • He gets very upset when people doubt his magic


"Things work a bit... differently around here"

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