"Can we settle down, please?"

Asphyxia is a preformer, and sings songs to please her fans. Many dragons like her music, and think she's quite pretty. But underneath all that glitz and glam is something else... something far different.


At first glance, Asphyxia looks completely innocent.

Asphyxia has mostly the build of a MudWing, with the build and patterns any normal MudWing would have. However, she has SkyWing wings, as well as long, SkyWing horns.

However, her colors show her SkyWing traits much better. Her scales are a vibrant scarlet color, with charred brown, almost black underscales. Her overscales are the same fiery orange color as burning hot magma, which appear to glow in darkness. His horns are the same charred black as her underscales, and her claws are white and unusually large. Her wing membranes are the same burning magma color, and her eyes are a blazing orange.


At first glance, Asphyxia is perfectly innocent.

She gives off an aura of joy whenever she's in the room, and acts so bouncy, so sweet, it's almost sickening to be in the same room as her. The songs she sings tend to be about rainbows, sparkles, magical unicorns, the kinds of stuff you'd expect to see in a terrible kids' show. She generally eats ice cream sandwiches for breakfast, and always seems hyper and amazing.

But dig deeper, and you'll find something else.

Really, she's always in a deep state of paranoia and anxiety. She trusts nobody but her fanbase, and believes everyone else is out to steal her popularity. Do to her constant fear of having her position stolen, she easily lashes out at the people around her. She believes everything is out to kill her, and will often threaten the people around her for little to no reason. This is because of her intense desire to stay popular and to not die, though most of her fears aren't at all rooted in reality.


  • Asphyxia is another word for suffocation.
  • Often during her stage shows, she wears golden bracelets and bands, but sometimes she'll wear orange ribbons.
  • Singing is one of the few things that can calm her eternal rage and anxiety.
  • She is sometimes called "Asphyx" as a shorthand.
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