Aspen | 7 DY | He/Him | Exiled

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Background Information
Creator OpaltheRain-IceWing, StarspeakerofTheNightWings aka me (xxOpalGlimmerxx, xOpalGlimmerx)
Coder Pokeball
Main Attribute Flamesilk
Elemental Attribute Nature-Fire
Theme Animal None
Theme Color Green
Theme Song None
MBTI Personality Architect INTJ-T
Character Information
Age 7
Gender Male
Orientation type here
Occupation Exiled
Tribe LeafWing-SilkWing
Goal Survive
Residence Somewhere far away from the Poison Jungle
Relatives Heliconian (flamesilk SilkWing, mother) and Oak (LeafWing, father)
Allies None as of yet
Enemies HiveWings
Likes None so far
Dislikes None so far
Powers and abilities Has an everlasting flame on his wrists and tail that he can use to defend himself.
Weapons type here
Quote ' "It's not my fault.

It's not my fault that I was born with these stupid powers, that my tribe hates me for burning down half the Jungle, that my mother died because of me."


He looks just like a normal LeafWing, but with oddly shaped wings and trails of everlasting flame on his tail and on his wrists.

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He is very shy but defendant of his friends. He has a knack for knowing who is lying or not, but it is very weak.

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His mother, Heliconian, escaped from the Queen Wasp's flamesilk cavern but was cornered and hunted down by the hive-minded guards. Oak was nearby and decided to protect the beautiful SilkWing from the HiveWings, even if it meant exposing the LeafWings to Queen Wasp.

Oak was surprised when Heliconian managed to fight her way out using her flamesilk. She was injured, so Oak carried her to the middle of the Poison Jungle where the rest of the LeafWings were. Gradually, they fell in love.

Aspen was born three years after Heliconian was rescued by Oak. The flame on his wrists burnt down some of the Jungle and most of the LeafWings, having never had seen fire before, panicked. Little Aspen didn't know what the orangey-red thing on his wrists and tail were; he thought it was something to play with. 

The resulting fire brought the HiveWings to the Poison Jungle and many LeafWings were murdered, including Heliconian, whose green scales made her look just like any other LeafWing.

Publically, Oak blamed himself, but he internally, even though he didn't want to admit it, he knew that it was his dragonet's fault. He named him 'Aspen'.

Oak spoke with the queen and decided, along with the rest of the tribe, to first isolate Aspen from the rest of the LeafWings and when he was of age (6), he would be banished to some further corner of Pantala and told never to come back.

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  • He is sometimes mockingly called Ash.
  • Aspen's father died not long after the fire due to grief.

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