Ashfur is a pale yellow Sand/Rain hybrid with grey speckles around his body. He looks like a Rainwing with a Sandwing-like build, and he has a venomous barb and a Sandwing frill. He also has aqua blue eyes.


Ashfur is brave, usually the first to leap into dangerous situations. He is also a daredevil, constantly looking for danger with a cocky grin plastered on his face. He's very loyal to his friends, and fights for whatever he believes in. Unfortunately, he's also possessive, viciously defending what he believes to be his. That usually gets him into trouble, as he picks fights for the smallest and simplest things in life.


When Ashfur was young, one of his other siblings died from sickness. Fortunately, his mom adopted an abandoned dragonet named Cloudtail to fill the void. Then, Ashfur met Firestar. They became the best of friends and had many adventures together, until another threatened them. His name was Tigerstar, and he was out for blood. Tigerstar wanted to kill Firestar and his friends, so he sided with a notorious gang of criminals famous for assassinations. Unfortunately for Tigerstar, the leader of the gang, Scrouge, killed him and started attacking the group of friends. After a long battle, Scrouge was killed and the gang was scattered across the continent. After things calmed, Ashfur and Firestar, along with his friends, formed a group of their own and nicknamed it ThunderClan. They settled in a valley in the Claws of the Clouds, and are currently found there.


  • Ashfur is based off of Ashfur in the Warriors book series
  • One of his best friends is Firestar
  • His history is based only after the first arc of the Warriors series
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