Dark green and brown scales, Ash is a typical LeafWing. She has light green underbelly scales and small golden scales speckled around her snout. She is very elegant and while she is slender, she is still strong. She is fast and athletic. She is one of the strongest females in the tribe.


Like all LeafWings, she was raised in the Poison jungle and was taught to hate the HiveWings for trying to wipe out their tribe. She is a distant relative of Queen Sequoia, and her life mission is to kill Queen Wasp. She has seen the Queen's daughter once and nearly killed her before Flicker escaped her. Ash vowed that if she found Flicker again, she wouldn't escape alive. She doesn't spend much time in the tribe's home.


She is fierce and loyal but her moods are ever changing. She can be calm and happy one moment, angry and vengeful the next. She is generally pretty calm and easy-going. She can be sparked to rage though, especially when faced with any HiveWing. She dislikes Vine intensely, not because she is a hybrid, but because she is part HiveWing.

(NOTE: Plan to add more when The Poison Jungle Comes out.)

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