do not steal ash is my character


he has a normal icewing body with odd ashy grey black scales with a more ash grey underside and his talons,horns,middle wing,spines,underside are the ash grey and the rest of his scales are a black grey ash color and he has bright forest green eyes his scales are like this because of a skywing who had fire scales touched his egg oddly enough he survived because they were able to get his egg cold again since the fire had done that he had gotten a skin condition called melanistic which is from dark colored pigment and it also resulted in the burns on his wings and he has tiny burned holes on his wing (not able to be seen in the drawing)


he is brave and more of a guard type dragon he is often cold and quiet around dragons he doesn't know but will talk lot with his friends and often looks after them he sometimes does feel lonely


  • normal claws and tail spines
  • has the normal icewing stuff
  • has weaker ice breath
  • can kinda hide in shadow


  • normal heat stuff bc he's a icewing
  • bad at hiding in snow
  • weak frost breath even at a normal temp he sometimes can't breath frost breath


I'm still working on it

meme: made by dragonflywarrior12, with ashes great message about how sleep is important
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