Ash Flight is my Sona. You can always use him in fanfics and stuff :3



Ash have dull grey scales, like a average and boring boulder. His underscales are a boring sepia color, and his eyes are a glassy, pale, boring, grape-ish color. He is also transparent, with the ability to make himself invisible.

Before becoming a ghost, Ash flight had dark black scales with dark yellow eyes, hinted over with dark brown underscales and dark grey freckles over his spine which spray outwards like a splash of water. He had a long and elegant snout, leading to a narrow and sharp face, which many describe to look like a Seawing muzzle. His horns were long and dagger-like, almost certain to be a weapon that can impale, much like a Nightwing's. That led to a long neck that went between two heavyset shoulders, which led to long and muscular arms. He had a lighter brown, heart shaped tabby marking on his chest. His talons were dappled with dark brown and dark grey. His wings were on the smaller side but very muscular, like a Mudwing's. The vertebrae was the same deep black color as the rest of his scales, and the membrane was dark brown. His tail was huge and thick, a bit on the stubby side, with large webs running along it in a slightly lighter black color with dark brown membrane.

Now, after his murder, Ash Flight is a dull stormy grey with pale sepia undertones. He has a dark and large hole in his chest where the sword had stabbed him (And ultimately killed him) where ghostly red-purple blood drips out. This same red-purple blood also stains his talons and coats some of his tail.


After he became a ghost, Ash is a sweet, friendly, caring, brave, and protective dragon, and will do anything to keep his friends safe. He is willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt, but he will stand up for himself and his loved ones at all costs, even willing to guard them with his own ghost life. Ash is also honest, open, and would never intentionally hurt someone's feelings, being also very patient and empathetic

Before he became a ghost, Ash Flight seems to be laid-back and complacent at first, happy to go along with what others want without much opinion. He would go along with others ideas without saying any opinion of any sort. He refers to himself as boring and many others might agree with that statement. He was also a bit snobbish, wanting to always be introverted and alone. Many might say Ash Flight was more of a selfish dragon back then, but the same would not be true now.

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