Ash is one of Macaw the Rainwing's OCs. Do not use or edit her without permission! Ash is a type of tree hence my oc's name.

Description: Ash is a 5 year old female Leafwing with bright green scales, dark green underscales, hazel/brown eyes, and red horns/claws. She is lean and narrow with an exceptionally long tail and large wings. She isn't especially pretty, but isn't ugly. She is about average (according to her anyway).

Quote: "I'm not special. I'm just your average everyday Leafwing."

Personality: Ash is kind, funny, and an all around jokester. She loves to make others laugh, even if they are laughing at her (she just laughs along with them). She doesn't like mean or stuck up dragons. She hates history and loves to read about plants and animals. She can be annoying, but her friends don't get annoyed by her that much as she seems more annoying to other dragons. She has a bad habit of hanging by her back talons and scaring dragons by dropping down right in front of them.

Quote: "Haha! I'm a klutz, tripping over my own talons!"

Friends: Ash doesn't have enemies, she just ignores the dragons that don't like her.

Ender (Deathwing): Ender is one of Ash's really good friends. Ash loves to be with Ender and he is pretty much the only dragon she will stay quiet with.

Alexandrite: Alexandrite loves Ash and is very tolerant of her jokes and pranks.

Zoom: Zoom generally helps Ash pull off her pranks and he loves her jokes.

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