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Ash is a burgundy and dusky orange SkyWing dragonet around 4 years old, but is like Sunny. She is small, so she looks 2 years old.

She has neon orange eyes, but those are the only bright things about her. Though her scales sparkle in the sun, in any other light they seem dull. She always wears a brown blanket around her shoulders, and wears a single black choker for jewelry.


A week after Ruby became queen, Ash and her twin brother Cinder hatched in the Sky Palace. Cinder was a firescales, so he sucked most of her fire out. But what was left was very weak, and she lived, surprisingly.

When her mother Firefall looked over the nest, she saw that Ash was laying against Cinder, his firescales smoking. Firefall freaked out, then saw that Ash wasn't burning, but purring and snuggling close against her fiery brother. Even Ruby and Peril were stumped.

It seems strange, but Ash is the only one who can touch her firescales brother without burning.


Ash gets cold easily, so she wraps up in as many furs as she can. She is very shy, and constantly wonders whether she'll be liked, like Qibli, but she doesn't think of using magic to fix her problems. She wants to be strong and show the world that her, the dragon with little fire, can be as strong as her firescales twin.

She constantly thinks about getting warm, and the slightest of breezes makes her lock up and shudder hard.


"Do I have to go here?" - To her mother in front of Jade Mountain

"Um...hi. I'm Ash." - To her winglet

"Yes...I'm the dragon with little fire..." - In response to a question

"Panda? Do me? Like like me-like me?" -To Panda

"No! I'm not weak! I'm just as strong as all of you!" -To her winglet

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