Armadillo is a sandwing and nightwing dragon. He is currently one of the jade mountain academy students past canon

i used a canon name, but this is an oc by galaxy. please do not steel

appearance: He is bright golden with the nightwing scale pattern and underside scales. He has ebony black eyes, and also has black scales dotting his feet. Armadillo also wears a amber drop earring similar to Quibli

Personality: he is a fun dragon to be woth even though he gets unfair treetment. He likes hybrids like him and also likes to make friends and find more hybrids like him. People think hes weird because of how he look but he doesnt care

Armadillo gets sad sometimes because he doesnt look like a regular sandwing. But sometimes he thinks he looks cool as a hybrid and is greatful for that. He wished he could read minds like his dad but his sister got that instead. So he sometimes turn jealous

Stuff he likes also are hybrids and his sister. He likes to paint and draw things too and also likes finding new friends. He thinks that jade mountain is a pretty exciting place as well

History: His dad was a nightwing and his mom was a sandwing. They live in a lonely den together, so he cant really make friends. He tries to go into the towns by the oasis places but then dragons see how weird he looks. So Armadillo doesnt usually make friends. He plays with his sister instead

All of these are pictures of sandwings I found. They look really cool but i wish that there was one that looks like armadillo

one is by SkyFireStone

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