Aries is introverted and a bit awkward around dragons he doesn't know. However, once Aries gets to know someone he becomes a loyal friend. Aries is a bit ferocious if another dragon makes him angry. He is also artsy and and cracks witty jokes whenever he gets the chance.


Aries has dark red scales and bright amber eyes. he is often seen with colored paint splatters covering his ruby scales and he always wears a gold spike earring through his left ear along with the pouch that holds his dagger across his chest.


Aries grew up in a family that wasn't completely loyal to the former queen Scarlet. For the most part Aries' family followed the laws that the SkyWing queen laid down although they never attended arena battles or party's and often made rude jokes at Scarlet's expense. When Aries was five he was recruited, along with nine other dragonets, to serve at Burn's palace. After the assesment the dragonets had to take, Aries was chosen as an assassin due to his skill with knives and his ability to act very innocent. On Aries' first mission he came back victorious with the head of one of Blister's leading generals. The next mission he was sent on was to assassinate the father of one of his close friends, His friend's father had been trying to convince Scarlet to reject Burn as her ally. Aries quickly refused and asked to be given a different target. Burn was outraged that a (now seven year old) dragonet dare defy her yet again for the third time. The first two times Princess Burn ignored it but this time it was the last straw. Burn sent soldiers to kill all of Aries' family. Naturally Aries thought that he was to blame for his family's deaths and he ran away, thinking he would die of heat or dehydration in the desert but instead stumbling upon the Scorpion Den in which he stayed and served Thorn faithfully until she took the throne and Aries moved to her stronghold to become one of her guards.

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