Arid's personality is very flirty, and will flirt with anyone that looks his age. He's very funny, too, but only when necessary. He's kinda like Santana from Glee when it comes to being kind, and that's not very kind except for the few exceptional dragons. But he is always kind to customers unless they're, like, fat or something. Then he'll say something like "Oh, hi, sorry, I thought you were a large cactus, and I was just about to pick some fruit from you but then I realized you were a very, very large dragon! Go along now, I don't sell to others who don't need it!"


He looks like your average SandWing, except smaller and thinner. He's got light cream wings and underbelly, and then his body is like a dark cream. He always wears this black necklace made from threads with a small blue opal in the middle.


Arid was raised by his dad Scorpion with his sister Cactus, who was always shy and insecure, no matter what he did. Cactus is Arid's favorite person, and they would play together while his dad would go sell stuff. He had a pretty nice dragonethood. His mother had been stabbed by accident before he and his sister hatched, so dad just raised him and his sister on his own. Sometimes if the security levels went down, he left them with this old dragon named Mirage, (half SandWing half SkyWing) and that pretty much scarred him. She did creepy stuff with them and always had this hungry look on her face. Ever since, he's had a fear of old dragons. But besides that, it was all good. His life wasn't perfect, but it was okay. When he grew old enough, he moved to a home by himself and set up a stand and baked rolls and stuff like that. He's been searching for his true love.


  • His favorite animal is a cobra, and he has a pet one named Slithers.
  • His favorite color is pink.
  • Despite how flirty he is, he's never had a relationship.
  • He doesn't usually eat any of the rolls he's selling, surprisingly.
  • He's always wanted to be a warrior in the army.
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