Arid is a male SandWing featured in Three Weeks. WIP


  • pale goldy-brown/beigish scales
  • dusty brown barb
  • green eyes, gold flecks down his side (genetic mutation)
  • scales go from pale goldy browny thing to gold? like the ends of scales are gold (not saturated just metallic)
  • underside of wings are gold-white gradient
  • underscales are dusty/sandy yellow
  • ivory teeth/talons


  • lonerish
  • doesn't work well in teams
  • a bit snappish but is the literal golden boy on the inside
  • likes to make the decisions himself
  • doesn't trust too easily, links to the liking to make decisions himself thing- doesn't trust other people to get things done
  • observant but not when it comes to other dragons and feelings (doesn't understand feelings well)
  • like patterns
  • bad at social stuff
  • finds being funny hard in his opinion but ends up being funny anyway because of how deadpan he can be
  • defensive
  • blunt sometimes
  • a little reckless
  • likes having a small group of friends
  • independent
  • dislikes depending on people
  • the dad friend


  • has a rivalry thing with his twin
  • adding onto that, dislikes how his twin makes him do all the housework while she goes out for a fly etc.
  • parents are travellers
  • pretty much lives independently
  • has a smol bean brother who keeps sneaking out which is partly why he is a v light sleeper


  • tries to distant himself with his sister bc they are too similar
  • finds his smol bean brother cute but very annoying
  • isn't too close with his parents
  • only has a couple of friends


  • likes puns, finds them clever
  • wants a pet bird
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