Arete is a female SkyWing - LightWing hybrid that appears in Revelation as Azura's mother. She is a former queen of Nohr and the Ex-Queen of Valla.


Arete was a talented singer and dancer, with her daughter, Azura, being taught to sing and dance as great as her. According to Cassita, Arete's singing would fill the halls in the past, and Azura mentioned that she would always smile while she sang. Arete then taught Azura Lost In Thoughts All Alone in Nohr. (Lost In Thoughts All Alone is a real song, yes!)


In Greek "arete" means "excellence" or "moral virtue", where it was ultimately bound up with notion of fulfillment of a purpose in early times of its use. This is a reference to Arete's knowledge of Valla, which she passed down to Azura. Arete is also a sharp mountain ridge, referencing her being half SkyWing. In Greek mythology, Arete was wife of Alcinous and the queen of Scheria, where both were descendants of Poseidon, referencing Anankos's water design, Azura, and Shigure.

Fanfiction appearances

Dragon Emblem Series


Arete was the Ex-Queen of Valla and Nohr. Since Arete spoke of Valla outside of Valla, her body dissolved and was confirmed deceased. She appears later as an enemy spirit.


"Thank you, Shigure... Go... There may still be time... I'm sorry, Azura... I was...a poor mother to you..." -Arete to Azura and Shigure.


  • Arete is mostly based off of the character of the same name from Fire Emblem. Arete makes her first appearance in Fire Emblem: Fates as an enemy character and Azura's mother, and the Ex-Queen of Valla and the former queen of Nohr before her death.
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