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♛♛A R E S♛♛
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Background Information
Creator EndlessVøices
Artist type here
Main Attribute Firescales
Elemental Attribute Fire
Theme Animal Warthog
Theme Color Red
Theme Song None
Hostility Level 9/10
Character Information
Age Adult
Gender Male
Orientation Dark Realmed; Hetereosexual
Occupation Soldier in Queen Jasper's Army
Tribe SkyWing
Goal To attempt to kill off his brother
Residence A fireproof home
Relatives Zeus [father], Hera [mother], Hephaestus [brother, many others
Allies SkyWings, Zeus, Hera, IceWings, Soldiers, Royal Guards, Generals, SeaWings
Enemies Hephaestus, SandWings,  MudWings, NightWings, Hybrids
Likes War, hurting his brother, watching others suffer, fighting
Dislikes Peace, his brother, dragons being happy and such, RainWings
Powers and abilities Firescales, flight, fire
Weaknesses Water, having to burn everything in sight
Weapons Firescales, Tail, Teeth, Claws, Fire breath
Love Interests None
Quote "HA! You REALLY thought I was gonna let you go by me without me telling mother?! I'm telling her, you're gonna be dead, ugly boy!"

Ares is a muscular and large SkyWing with electric blue eyes and dark red scales. His underbelly is a pinkish reddish color with fire like lines across it. Near his spikes along his neck to the end of his tail is, which is a long line, is orange and red too, making him a firescales.

His wing membrane is a light red near the wing tips but fade to orange; his wings resemble a sunset somewhat. He has jagged teeth and claws, he wears no jewelry at all. At the front of his feet, he has slight orange markings and his back of his feet too have the orange markings as well.

The scars on him were from spears and other stuff, his wounds go untreated and are like that due to being firescales and his wounds can't be healed. Ares, too, is attractive and smoking hot [no pun intended] to most dragonesses but avoid him due to his scales and not let him continue his lineage with females

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🌋R E L A T I O N S H I P S🌋


Name- relation; description


Hera- Mother; Ares loved his mother the most out of his whole family and was smothered by her and Zeus. He felt better than everyone else, besides her being rude to him sometimes. She didn't kill him but instead, she let her son live. Ares' opinion on her changed after he became an adult. He got tired of her nagging.

Zeus- Father; Ares always loved his father and followed him around a lot as a dragonet. His father praised him more than Hephaestus, feeding him more and training him. Beisde his father being an extreme horny male, he took care of his son more than any other dragonet he had. Causing the firescales to love him back.

Hephaestus- brother; Ares HATED him and scarred him for the rest of his life. He tormented him for 


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