Arenova (Nova) the Nightwing.


She is a beautiful dragon colored dark blue with stars in her eyes and slightly more-golden-than-usual patterns on her wings. Nova is quick-thinking and acting, although she usually doesn't use very much logic.

She likes to travel around, lugging her scrolls with her. Nova does avoid the cold like the plague, though.

She can switch from being loud to quiet, depending on who she's with, and she is unsure of herself and where she fits in.

Nova with other dragons

Nova met Victory when she was traveling through Skywing territory. Nova dislikes most Skywings, so she decided that upon meeting her she should attack. From that point on, they had a love-hate relationship. After Nova was injured, she demanded Victory heal her. Although Victory really, really wanted to refuse, after Nova followed her around, pestering her, she gave in.

Victory tried to kill Nova several times, and Nova crashed her home several times. Victory accidentally-on-purpose killed Nova's pet dog, and Nova accidentally set her home on fire.

Nova and Finch (male) have been enemies since Finch used her to test his weapon. Only when it didn't work did she find a way to escape. Since that moment, she has actively been targeting him. Also, although she won't admit it, Nova is jealous of the friendship between Victory and Finch.

Nova and Torrent!

DarkTorrent is a hybrid I made during a role-play. He and Nova are together, and I am so happy because they are perfect for each other! He is very protective of her but also lets her do her own thing, and she absolutely adores him and comes to him for advice.


For the early parts of her life, she was close friends with Victory, but when she turned 10 they began to drift apart. It was then that she found Torrent, rescued him from the Skywing prisons (he was there due to a misunderstanding), and slowly, ever so slowly began to grow feelings for him.

This was a new chapter in her life, and for many years she never saw Victory, preferring to travel Pyrrhia with Torrent. She grew more confident with him, braver, more kind, qualities she never was able to have when she was with Victory.


  • Nova loves to bake.
  • She is super friendly. Really such a cinnamon roll.
  • I use her a lot in roleplays, and that has allowed me to develop her character more.
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