Arcus has gray scales and orange underscales. Although he looks red, that's just paint. His membranes are a very very dark red.

He wears emerald gauntlets with ruby crystals. Each one has a small, stretchy, golden pockets, one with a paintbrush and red paint, and the other with a steel sword with diamond dust on the blade.

He has weird blue splotches on his wings, because when he gets frustrated with his art, he paints his wings blue.


Arcus is a cheerful dragon with lots of energy. He doesn't like sleeping much and would rather be out late at parties.

He is a very social dragon whenever his scales are painted red. He doesn't want anyone to see his gray scales.

He usually eats buffalo and mountain goats. He has never tasted fish, and never wants to. He said it's to slimy and wet for his taste. He also has quite a like for cherries and tomatoes.


As Arcus hatched his mother and father immediately saw his gray appearance. They tried to wash it off, but it was his actual scale color. He too was ashamed of his scales.

When he was 3, he ate a large tomato. It tasted so good, and then he ate a cherry. He loved these, and loved the color red. He mushed cherries and tomatoes together to make a nice red paint that he used to turn his scales red.

He found a liking in art at the art tent in Possiblity. There was a spot for dragons to paint whatever they want. He painted a beautiful eagle flying into the sunset. He loved art after that moment.

On his 7th hatching day, he became a painter and drew whatever he saw. On the nights of the blood moon, he would go out and paint it.


  • He loves drawing birds.
  • Instead of fire, he can blow powerful winds that can knock down trees.
  • He makes his own paint, he doesn't buy it.


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