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Arcturus is a fairly small, scrawny male NightWing, but he’s clearly stately and stubborn. He has orange condor-like eyes that contrast with his scales, which range from purple so dark it’s nearly black to a deep shade of lavender. His sides are lined with pale yellow stars.


Arcturus is rather strict and reserved, but incredibly loyal. He wishes nothing but to protect Secrecy, Treasure, and Starglade’s legacy. He is almost hinderingly possessive of his profession and belongings. He owns seven preying birds, which are each tagged with a band of a different color, meant to represent the Pyrrhian tribes. He acts bold and strong, but when he's alone, and it's quiet, he fears that he'll be robbed of everything.


When he was young, Arcturus and his sister, Treasure, were adopted by a SeaWing male named Firth. Firth’s mate had died five years prior, so to ease his loneliness he found comfort in fostering orphaned dragonets. Arcturus became the stepbrother of Firth’s biological daughter, Pulse.

Though he grew up in a safe home with a loving father, Arcturus developed acute anxiety. It prevented him from pursuing his many interests. While Pulse and Treasure knew exactly what they wanted to become, Arcturus was so apprehensive about his future that he could barely function.

Arcturus was confident in very few of his abilities. One of those abilities happened to be a vast knowledge of birds. It almost seemed like he was able to communicate with them.

He initially decided to become an ornithologist, so he tentatively left home to pursue that career. He later realized that he was especially fascinated in birds of prey. He found that ornithology didn’t allow him to get as close to birds as he wanted to be. It felt too sterile and controlled.

Arcturus began to study falconry. He obtained his first bird, and for once in his life, felt completely at peace. His bird, a crested goshawk, seemed to understand him, and Arcturus felt he understood her.

Falconry was now his passion. He joined a nomadic group of other falconers, who wandered around the northern tip of the SkyWing Kingdom. He was truly happy with them.

One of the members of this group was a female NightWing named Stellar. She and Arcturus clicked instantly and a friendship was formed. Arcturus was comfortable around her and she around him. She was interesting, funny, smart, and understanding.

Their friendship quickly deepened until the two realized they were in love. Arcturus and Stellar became mates.










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