Arctica the IceWing
Background information
Creator DeltaTheSeaWing (Art by Moonmoonfoxwolf)
Main Attribute Bubbly
Elemental Attribute Ice
Theme Color Navy
Theme Animal Monkey
Theme Song "A Million Dreams" - The Greatest Showman
MBTI Personality The Feeler
Character information
Age 10
Gender Female
Occupation Artist
Tribe IceWing
Goal "Make beautiful sculptures"
Residence Queen Snowfall's Palace
Relatives Bayou - Father

Aurora - Mother

Snowbank (DeltaTheSeaWing) - Sister

Allies Snowbank, Aurora, Seal
Enemies The heat, water
Likes Snowbank, painting, carving
Dislikes The heat
Powers and abilities Good ice sculpting, frostbreath
Weapons Her carving tools
Ships None
Quote "Ta da! What do you think?"

"No, I'm not part RainWing! This is paint!" ~ To random dragon

Arctica is stormy gray, with navy blue wings, black claws, light blue spines, and a purplish blue underbelly. The only remnant of her MudWing father is her brownish face. She is heavyset and usually covered in paint.


"HELLO! Like it?" ~ To Snowbank

Bubbly and cheerful, with a hint of craziness. She is happy, but always is annoyed that dragons don't appreciate her art.


"Why don't I look like a normal IceWing, Snowbank?" ~ To Snowbank

Arctica's father was a MudWing, and her mother met with him they fell in love and had two eggs. They knew that hybridism was forbidden, so they hid Snowbank and Arctica. But when Arctica and Snowbank were old enough, they snuck out and joined the tribe.


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  • Arctica, by Moonmoonfoxwolf
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