arctic is my character do not steal! (and yes i know his name is cannon but i didn't know when i wrote him)


he is a icewing that is very tall like taller then some sandwings he has a light gray kinda like storm clouds and white underside and he has light arctic blue horns,head thing,spines,talons has light blue wings that fade to a darker sapphire blue and he has a few scares on his wings,underside,shoulder and on his head (i forgot to draw it in) and he has icewing guard armor on the neck band,wings,horns and around his arms and he has ice blue eyes


he is often cold and mean he is protective of his friends if he has any he is very salty and he is starting to feel bad about being mean and merciless


  • normal icewing stuff
  • often uses his tall ness to intimidate people
  • he will use his size in battle often batting them away with his powerful talons


  • all the nerf of icewings
  • he isn't as fast as rainwings
  • and he uses brute force which can lead him into trouble


will be made soon

meme:made by dragonflywarrior12, this is arctic fighting his greatest enemy.....le short sandwing walls
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