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Archive is a fresh adult male SandWing who currently wanders the land with the legendary Walking Statue, Oeuvre. He's a quiet, yet enthusiastic librarian, though doesn't have his own library to overlook...yet. He aims to get answers to as many things as he can before he can open his own library with his sister, Smudge, & Oeuvre.


BUILD: average; mildly on the slimmer side. doesnt weigh too much. greyhound-like build.
COLORS: frequently called a literal scrollworm for his colors: some greens, mostly off-whites, sandy colors, and browns.
EXTRA: does have reading glasses which are brown. unscathed.


confident in his knowledge, known for triple-checking facts. mildly fidgety. shows No Fear. (unless seriously provoked)


  • normal sandwing abilities
    • poison barb
    • heat resistance & radiation
    • lack of need for water/food for a notable amount of time
    • firebreath
    • camouflage in the desert
  • organizational skills
  • informative speaking
  • heavy multitasking
  • strong memory & observational skills


  • text


  • Smudge: positive relationship
  • Oeuvre: positive relationship
  • Iuridae: neutral relationship
  • Nightlight: neutral-positive relationship
  • Timejumper: neutral relationship


  • an archive is "a collection of historical documents or records providing information about a place, institution, or group of people."
  • at first he totally only wore the frames of glasses for the Look(tm) but then his eyesight actually started getting poor
  • despite him always claiming to have a grand memory he always always always forgets and gets emotional whenever oeuvre sacrifices himself in a situation, unaware that he'll be back in a few minutes
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