Background Information
Creator Darkdragon2670
Main Attribute Sincere
Elemental Attribute Water.
Theme Animal Limpet
Main Color(s) Greenish-blue, ice blue, white
Theme Song
MBTI Personality ISFJ
Character Information
Nicknames Arch, Bro, Dude
Age Ten
Gender Preference (⚥) Male (♂)
Occupation Teacher
Tribe(s) SeaWings
Goal Keep his job.
Residence A small cove in the Kingdom of the Sea
Relatives Cod (mother); Blacktip (father); Cuskeel (older sister); Reef (older brother); Alluvial (older brother); Stream (uncle); Current (aunt); Kai (cousin); Lionfish (cousin); Whitetip (uncle); Guitarfish (aunt); Fangtooth (cousin); Kraken (cousin); Brook (cousin); Tidal (cousin); Dock (cousin); Splash (grandmother); Aqua (grandfather); Cerulean (grandmother); Candiru (grandfather); Scylla (great-grandmother; deceased); Angler (great-grandfather); Bala (great-grandmother); Koi (great-grandfather; deceased)
Allies Placeholder
Enemies Placeholder
Likes Placeholder
Dislikes Placeholder
Weapons Placheolder
Powers and abilities Placeholder
Weaknesses Anxious, impatient, high-strung, paranoid, phobic, soft-hearted, timid, (often) tongue-tied, withdrawn
Quote "Um, WHAT?!"

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"You know why I exist? No one does. It's the question that I ask myself everyday, and it's the only reason I get up in the morning to teach you."
- Archipelago
Archipelago (or also known as Arch) is a male SeaWing teacher at the Opal School for Hybrid Dragonets. He has bluish-green scales with flecks of white spattered across, and white borders every single scale, like waves rippling across. His membranes (webbing between talons, membrane in sail and wings) are a pale, pale blue, like ice, except for the dark green spots on them.

His underbelly is more of a light shade of green, rather than blue, and his phosphorescent scales emit a pale blue glow. His eyes are navy blue with specks of purple and green, almost like a peacock.


Like any purebred SeaWing, Arch can whip his tail into water to create huge splashes, can bash enemies with his tail, light up his phosphorescent markings, see in the dark, swim extremely fast, and breathe underwater.

Personality & Traits

Upon first meeting him, Archipelago is a rather reserved dragon, a trait that he uses to hide his low self-esteem which was carried over from his childhood. He has a strong desire to fit in and cares deeply about how others view him.

Though he can be soft-hearted at times, Arch can be easily irritated and becomes impatient when things aren't carried out when he says so. When aggravated, Archipelago wants to make others back down and snaps back at them, usually feeling guilty afterward and concerned about how the other dragon is feeling. To ensure (to himself) that his oppressor isn't angry at him anymore, he apologizes in hopes that they'll forgive him, and if not, then he gives them their space.

Although he's a teacher, Archipelago can express feelings of self-doubt when teaching, and often stutters while trying to talk to his students out of anxiety.





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