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Background Information
Creator fear
Main Attribute scales
Elemental Attribute sand, water
Anthem tba
Character Information
Age 38 dyo
Gender male
Orientation asexual/aromantic
Occupation traveler, explorer
Tribe 50% SandWing / 50% SeaWing
Goal to simply explore as much as he can
Residence Pantala (currently)
Relatives mother, father, sibling
Likes history, plants, animals, water, rocks, writing, sketching, exploration
Dislikes rain on his documents, fighting, deep water
Powers and abilities SandWing fire and heat radiation, adequate swimming capabilities, mild flashing in photophores
Weapons fire, talons, teeth, heavy tail, a blade he keeps on hand
Quote "And what kind of plant are you, little one?"

Archipelago, or Arch, is an adult male SandWing-SeaWing hybrid who currently resides near the historic Jewel Hive of Pantala. He was formerly an explorer hired by scientists to find new lands, but has since retired, and works as an explorer for his own benefit and satisfaction. He runs an exhibit on Pyrrhia that displays unknown species of plants and animals.


BUILD: very fluid combination. seawing's muscles, yet sandwing's height and scale pattern. has varying swirling patterns for photophores. no gills. tail mimics a seawing's, but slims out. sandwing wings. varied features on face. curved horns. mixed sandwing sail & seawing webbing.
COLORS: yellows and oranges, some greens (akin to algae or seaweed) with white photophores, horns, talons, & teeth.
EXTRA: has poor eyesight, known to wear both glasses & contact lenses. carries a dagger in a pouch around his neck. (contains a book, ink, as well as said dagger, some trinkets, and some pencils.)


extremely adventurous. prefers to not wind up in danger, but if it comes down to it, will put up a fight. considerably cowardly. likes to sketch things he's never seen before, including other dragon tribes. sketched the hives' new designs for the pantalans.


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  • mother: relationship
  • father: relationship
  • sibling: relationship




  • really does not like deep water. mostly due to the fact he can't go under to explore what's there for himself
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