Rainbowy boi

adopted by fathom from cloud.

thought vomit incoming -

hello! hello! I thought you'd like to meet Araceae! Now, his name is a... bit of a tongue twister, so he goes by Aray! Now, who is this rainbowy little RainWing who's missing his frill?

He's not little, actually. He's sorta tall, a little bit pudgy too. A very normal looking RainWing whose scales are always gradients from red to green with v a r i o u s levels of neoness.

However, looks aren't everything! Even that self satisfied smirk on his face doesn't tell it all.

Now, Aray is an adviser. He helps the RainWing queen - not Glory, she's just some faceless NPC - make her decisions 'n all that fun stuff! Now, he's part of a council and the great political stuff, but really he's in charge! He was the queen's personal friend, and by the moons will she give him power!

Now, there's this fun little thing where RainWings will donate a bit of food to the throne and money and stuff to care for all the orphaned little dragonets and the creaky elderly. Now... each dragon only turns in so much.

But the entire Rainforest makes quite a bit of... stuff.

So why is this all going to those dragons? Really, skimming some off the top wouldn't be noticed, right?

You heard right. Aray is indeed your standard corrupt politician. He might as well be saying 'give me your money it will help the incapable and also me!' Of course, he's in charge (mostly), so no one can stop it.

And also, no one's supposed to know, anyway. If they do - welp bribery is an option. Or framing them and exiling and ruining public face and stuff.

Aray knows what to do.

And besides, he isn't that harmful. It's a giant pile, and he only takes a few! How would anyone notice or care? He's doing fine, the world's doing fine. He's cheating the system, but he isn't hurting anyone.


a tax collector, pretty much. government employee?

scales are always shifting colors, but usually in the bright neons of red, green, and warm golds. loves making those fancy gradients

not very good control over scales, so sometimes colors flash up, although he often makes them fade out and it's part of the display now, apparently

has a really iconic smirk

voice can be pretty loud, and doesn't stutter very often. at all. is very convincing, as he should be.

steals just like 5% of the money he collects, and pretends it's not responsible for money shortages in the rain kingdom

always tries to justify his actions, so he has a billion weak standing excuses if he does get found out. always insists that he's doing nothing wrong. to himself. used to be lying to himself and knowing about it, but now kinda believes it?

lives very comfortably.

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