Aquilo was born and raised ion the streets of the Sandwing Kingdom by a market sales dragon who goes by the name of "The Punisher" He got his name because he was a retired assassin who had used to kill famous fighters during the great war.

Aquilo constantly stole from other marketers on the street giving Punisher unwanted attention by Sandwing Kingdom guards. After being fed up with it, he sat down and talked to Aquilo about it asking why he did such horrible things. Aquilo was unable to tell his guardian why he did such a thing because he himself didn't know the answer.

One day he was stealing a patch of dried mangoes when he saw another mysterious dragon, Shadowflash, about his age stealing some fruits too when a guard walked by putting a spear to his throat . He reacted quickly and shoved the guard face first into the fruits telling the thief to run. Shadowflash got away but Aquilo, in the end, got caught.

Spending some time in the prison, Shadow had managed to steal the keys from the guard thus letting Aquilo out and becoming friends with him.


Aquilo is pretty calm most of the times but he can be quite shy around others. He has the tendency of being clumsy and being easily distracted by his own thoughts giving him sometimes Un-wanted attention.


Despite the fact that he has rather dull grey scales and spotted white patches over him, the most intriguing thing about Aquilo is that he has three sets of legs instead of two. He has the common eyes of an Icewing with blue pupils and is a bit larger than the normal Icewing


  • Being raised and around males constantly has given Aquilo the interest in males rather than females.
  • He has a scar across his left eye
  • More coming soon

Aquilo is not allowed to be used without PERMISSION FROM SHADOWLIGHT THE DRAGONET

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