Amber the Sandwing's OC


Apricot like all rainwings can shift his colors at will, but prefers to keep them a shade of yellow-orange. He has deep calming blue eyes and a burn scar on his back from a wildfire in the rainforest when he was little. Apricot is a small, strong, agile, dragon that is always with a map or two. He wears a small silver compass around his neck that he never takes off.


Apricot is an outgoing dragon on a mission, to make one 'Master Map' of Pyrria with every town, mountain and lake recorded on it. Apricot devotes his life to this task, having even went into the ice kingdom to make it. Other than his map obsession, Apricot is kind and hardworking making good friendships with almost anyone who doesn't attack him. He has been searching for a helper for quite a while, and thinks he would make a great teacher. Recently, he heard a tale of another continent across the ocean and wishes to explore it


Apricot was hatched to two Rainwings Citrus and Clementine a few weeks after Darkstalker's defeat, and quickly discovered his love of maps and mapping after seeing a nightwing cartographer make one. At age 3 he got a Nightwing to teach him how to write and after that he began exploring and creating maps of all of Pyrrha.

After a bit of map making he returned to the rainforest and found a young Nightwing named Iris who also shares his passion for exploring.

Skills and Abilities

Apricot like all rainwings can shoot venom from his fangs and change color, although he doesn't use eaither ability that much. Apricot is a skilled map maker and one of the first rainwings to learn how to read and write, he is a decently fast flyer and uses his prehensile tail for just about anything from holding maps to climing trees.

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