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Apollo is a SkyWing. With his daunting stature and large wings, many may assume that he is a force to be reckoned with. A coat of vermilion blankets his scales, yet his spikes, claws, and wing membranes all glow scarlet. Apollo's tall and intimidating appearance cause many dragons to back away from him. Additionally, his bright yet seemingly blood-colored scales contribute to the fact that yes, Apollo is most commonly noticed in a crowd. The solo portion of Apollo that might be considered pale or light is his underbelly, which glows a soft gold, yet is often overpowered by the more vivid colors that are commonly more visible to dragons around him.


Apollo has a reputation, through no fault of his own. With his tall stature and muscular build, he can't stop himself from getting intro trouble despite not participating in any criminal activities. Whenever any crime occurs, the blame is instantly pointed to him due to his criminal-like appearance, though he doesn't commonly commit such crimes. In actuality, Apollo is a truly kind and caring dragon with a clever, mischief-oriented brain. He can't commonly act on the latter part of his mind, considering his reputation. However, either due to his stature or preoccupied mind (or maybe a little of both), he is incredibly clumsy and cannot stop himself from knocking things over.


Apollo never met his parents. He never remembered where he originally hatched, but knew that he was thrown into the dragon foster-care system as a young child. Apollo never stayed at one home for too long. His large stature caused many (including his foster parents) to be afraid of him, and once their own eggs had hatched, Apollo was sent away again. He spent 7 years in the system, growing older and more independent as time continued to pass. Once he was of eligible age to leave the system, Apollo left to the SkyWing kingdom.


Abilities + Weaknesses:

  • Stature
    • Apollo's large stature helps him in a number of ways. His muscular arms allow for him to lift surprisingly heavy loads as well as intimidate many dragons around him, which allows for him to avoid any unnecessary social interactions


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