The Most Evil Mary Sue
Background Information
Creator Sandwing 101
Main Attribute Evilness
Theme Element Nothing
Theme Animal Nothing
Theme Color All the colors
Theme Song Believer-Imagine Dragons
MBTI Personality Evil
Character Information
Age 1002
Gender Male
Orientation staight
Occupation Killing everyone an deverything
Tribe Sand-sea-night-sky-ice-mud-rain
Goal To destroy everything
Residence A cave near the sky kingdom
Relatives No one
Enemies Everyone
Allies No one
Likes Nothing
Dislikes Everything
Powers and abilities Can shoot firebreath and frostbreath, fire resistant scales, powerful tail, venom, thrice moon-born, tail barb
Ships Too apocalyptic to have a ship or need a ship

This is Sandwing 101's mary sue of chaos, and is also a joke page.


Apocalypse has dark brown scales, with purple underscales that fade into red. His wing membranes are green, and has silver stars on it. His eyes are blue, and he has silver teardrops by his eyes. He has a gold tail barb, and dark purple fangs that extend from his mouth.


He's evil and wants to kill everything.

Powers and Abilities

He has awesome mind-reading and prophecy, and can shoot frost and fire. He has a tail barb that can inject blue poison, and fangs that can shoot green venom. He has a powerful tail and fire resistant scales.


He's been plotting to take over the world for a thousand and two years.


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Scarab: Apocalypse wants to kill Scarab because Apocalypse is evil.


  • Apocalypse is a mary sue.
  • Apocalypse is a joke page.
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