Apature is a dark violet Hivewing, which surprises many who don’t know him personally. He seems to be edged with black, with his horns and claws taking an ivory black sheen. His eyes are a bright golden, which seem to glitter in sunlight. He is generally leaner than most Hivewings, as well as smaller. When in disguise, he has an eerie face mask that makes him look extremely predatory, and armored gloves that elongate and sharpen his claws. His wrist stingers lock around the glove, securing it there.


Normally, Apature comes off as a sociable, lower class Hivewing with an odd art fetish. He has a disarmingly pleasant smile and a warm, low voice. He enjoys talking to anyone near him, and he enjoys painting. However, behind that mask of sociability lies a cold, distant assassin bent on destroying something mysterious. His very few attacks victimize seemingly random Silkwings, but anyone in the know can identify his victims as high-ranking Chrysalis officers.


Apature was abandoned at Cicada Hive when he was around 1, and was forced to live in a box that provided a makeshift shelter. He quickly learned to beg and charm his way into getting food scraps from daily commuters. At around 3 years old, he vanished. Nobody knew where the small purple Hivewing went; some even went to assume he died. However, 4 years later, a dark violet Hivewing nobody had seen before appeared in Bloodworm Hive, toting a stand in the marketplace that sold inks and stains. Around the same time this mystery Hivewing appeared, a Silkwing was found dead. The death was shrugged off as a lion attack, since the body was found with claw scratches and extremely close to the savanna. Over the course of 3 years, five other Silkwings were found mauled by lions, except the last one was inside the Hive instead of on the webs. No reports of lions in the Hive had been sent in by the guards, which led to an investigation leading to one conclusion: Someone had been assassinating the Silkwings and setting up their “lion attack.” One fateful day, a young empowered Silkwing took it upon himself to stop this mystery assassin from killing any more Silkwings. As he waited in the night for this assassin to appear, what he didn’t realize was he was the one being hunted. A dark figure with unnaturally large claws materialized out of the dark, lunging at the Silkwing. The Silkwing’s heightened sense prevented him from dying that night, and the shock of the attack led the Silkwing to find and stop this assassin. Many battles between the two ensued, sometimes even in broad daylight, but the mystery assassin has not been pinned down and stopped.


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