For the Marvel Character contest! I got well, Antman! xD Coding by Legacy, slightly editing by me!

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By me, Itchy!

Background information
Creator BanderItchy!
Main Attribute Humor
Elemental Attribute type here
Theme Color Red
Theme Animal Ant
Theme Song Suggest!
MBTI Personality Don't do
Character information
Age Old enough to be a father and prisoner
Gender Male
Occupation Prisoner (Formerly)

Father, on house arrest (Currently)

Tribe HiveWings
Goal To be the greatest father
Residence Pantala, through Bloodworm Hive
Relatives Cassie (her daughter)
Allies His Family
Enemies The ones who suspect him
Likes Candy, His Family, Loyalty
Dislikes His Crimes, Prison
Powers and abilities None, but his suit can make himself shrink and grow large
Weapons Martial Arts, Close Up Magic as distractions
Ships Suggest!
Quote "Ok, you're asking for stuff a coffee shop does not sell. Coffee shops do not sell bananas!"

"I do some dumb things and the people that I love the most pay the price. Mainly you.'
~Antman (MCU)

Appearance Antman is a fairly large dragon, a big squary chin. He has large black horns with connect to his two ridges, a large black spot surrounding his round, brown eye. His cameral like yellow scales don't glitter, or have any shine to them. His really light grey wing membranes have a few darker claw like marks, as his underbelly is normally covered by the scars Antman got in prison. His legs are long, Antman enjoying to wiggle it a lot to please his daughter.

Now, there's something more then his actual build and scales. It sticks to him, something that means a lot to Antman.

The suit.

While just looking red and black patches, it has a large ammount of tech in it. The sunlight makes the grey appear metal, and the red like a fresh apple skin. Bracelets made of fresh leather cover his arms and talons, and Antman has the suit covering his body until the tip of his tail.

"I'm in your life, Cassie. Look at this airplane, isn't it nice? It gooes WOOOOSSHHH over there, ready to land."


Antman is of course known for his cheek on humour. The HiveWing is a jokester, loving to spread laughs to those close to him. His background shows a friendly person who DEFIENTLY didn't go to jail, right?

You're wrong.

Antman didn't mean the pretty thievery he did, and didn't mean to spend most of his time in a Bloodworm Hive prison. However, Antman has said himself that he does the wrong stuff for the right reasons, showing a sense of justice, but shows it in the wrong way.

While at times, complicated and confused, Antman is family oriented, and like many, can make mistakes. Very petty at times, Antman enjoys using his shrinking suit to snatch food from the hive sometimes, people commonly regretting him for the criminal record Antman had earned himself.

Antman is indeed social and friendly. He enjoys making friends, commonly getting them in weird ways. He also named his own daughter Cassie rather then a bug, showing that at times, Antman goes against the rules for his own pleasing.

"Sure, I was in jail for how long, now? I still support good and justice. Righting wrongs has it's punishments, I guess."


Not much was known about Antman's heritage, other then the fact he was a petty thief. Not the biggest one, but he stole minor things from really unpopular stores for survival. However, giving birth to his daughter Cassie, Antman forced himself to stop so he could become a better role model.

However, one time he couldn't control himself. It was a dumb way, many said, but rumor has it that Antman stole a cheque from a store, earning punishment for a long time in the Bloodworm Hive cells.


"I'm getting tired of your biased accusations. You know what, maybe I made a mistake. But I'm in here paying the price. Every step of the way, my name's been dragged through the mud by the media and now I'm locked away from my family and I'm the only one facing any consequences!"
~Antman (MCU)

Powers and Abilites

"I heard that you guys saved the continent? I'm like, your biggest fan!"


"You should be able to shrink and grow on a dime, so your size always suits your needs."
~Hank Pym (MCU)


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