note: this dragon was 'adopted' from Red destruction. well, the idea came from them.

Dragon Model
artist artist
creator chipper the crow, original 'idea' from red destruction
main trait nervousness
main physical trait his smaller 'extra' pair of wings, as well as his strange two tails
theme colour grey-yellow
theme song type here
age 3.5 dragon years old
gender male
orientation type here
occupation type here
tribe sandwings
residence in possibility, with the seawing who 'adopted' him, as well as another dragonet
mate type here
dragonets type here
family has no 'real' family that he knows of, but he considers opalescent and gull to be his father and brother, respectively.
likes warmth, glowing things, pretty stones
dislikes the dark, oh he. uh. he really doesn't like the lab that he comes from.
powers/abilities his four stingers have incredibly little venom, and the venom is weak anyway, but he is already learning how to use a spear (an old seawing spear) quite effectively.
quote "he was the sole survivor of a genetic experiment. he was found hiding in a small hole, nearly dead from the cold. we nursed him back to health, but he still has dreams from when he was stuck in that lab. i’m confident you will help bring with him a happy life." - the dragon that was in charge of the orphanage that antlion came from, to opalescent


quote quote quote

Antlion is a strange little... SandWing. Presumably a SandWing. Were you to be looking at this little dragonet, you'd most likely notice his scale colour first. While other SandWings have more sandy scales, or even golden colours, Antlion has much duller scales. His scales are more grey, with a touch of yellow, perhaps due to his... unusual dragonethood. The SeaWing caring for him, Opalescent, isn't exactly a scientist. But the theory that the two of them agree on is that his grey scales are because of either the fact that he never had much sunlight, or possibly the fact that he's more of an... experiment.

Antlion has darker wings than his main scales, although they appear (slightly) more brown than grey. His eyes are the colour of tree amber. His ridge is more yellow than the rest of his scales, but the colour still seems 'unhealthy' to other SandWings.

In fact, almost everything about Antlion could seem 'unhealthy', to any other dragon. Something about his limbs, something about how gaunt he seems, and something about the way he holds his four wings...

Yes, I did say four wings, there.

I mentioned about how he's an experiment, and... Opalescent adopted him from an orphanage, and the dragon in charge of the orphanage didn't mention much about the experiment itself, only saying that they found him hiding in a hole somewhere.

Not much may be known about the unknown scientist's original intentions, but it may be easy to guess. While Antlion has his main two wings, he also has much smaller, but still noticeable, wings, that seem to be attached to his front legs. These wings would never be useable on their own, but his flight isn't exactly hindered by them. They move in unison with his 'original' wings.

The SandWing has two tails, although they seem more like one tail split into two. At the end of each tail, these tails split again, to form four... stingers? Antlion's 'stingers' are much smaller, and less powerful, than an ordinary SandWing's, but they are still somewhat recognisable as stingers. (Generally, Antlion keeps his tails twined together, with the stingers together as tightly as possible.)

He has barely-noticeable marks around these 'extra' things - paler marks all down the 'inside' of his tails, where they might've split apart, paler marks at the very ends of his tails, and paler marks on his shoulders, where the smaller wings are.

It seems possible that he was meant to resemble a HiveWing in some way, or that he was meant to be a powerful monster, or that he was meant to be just that - an experiment. [WIP]

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