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Background Information
Creator RandomWeirdoDragon
Artist RandomWeirdoDragon
Main Attribute His unusual personality
Elemental Attribute Heat?
Theme Animal An Antlion
Theme Color Yellow
Theme Song “Migraine”
Character Information
Age 12
Gender Male
Orientation Straight
Occupation Gaurd
Tribe HiveWing
Goal To be free of his own tribe
Nicknames Ant
Residence Vinegaroon Hive
Relatives His brother, Yellowjacket, his mother, Bee, and his father, Mudobber
Allies His brother
Enemies Many of the other HiveWing students
Likes Trees, the concept of freedom, hanging out with his brother
Dislikes Queen Wasp and her sisters, the Hives, and his school
Powers and abilities Good fighter, venomous teeth
Weapons His teeth, a dagger
Ships None (YET)

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Antlion looks like your average HiveWing, shape wise. Four wings, four legs, all of the things HiveWings look like. It’s his coloring that’s a bit off.

His wings are almost entirely see-through, with hints of gray-yellow. The veins through them are a faint yellow-gold, and they are broader than most, almost like a SilkWing’s. His main scales are a dusty yellow, tinged orange and grey. His underbelly is gray, and the scales along his spine are black.

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He’s a rather tactical, reserved HiveWing. Unlike his brother, he prefers to hone his fighting skills to become a warrior. Despite his like of fighting, he has a very good sense of humor, and has a good set of morals. Yet for all of his humor and strength, he’s not very smart when it comes to planning stuff out, preferring to make up the plan as he goes. The best way to get him to follow the plan is to tell him he can’t do a part of it, and he prefers to take action as opposed to staying still.

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Antlion was hatched in Vinegaroon Hive. His parents were Bee, a guard, and Mudobber, a healer. He never aspired to become either, instead pursuing a position as a member of one of the highest-ranked battalions. His brother, Yellowjacket, has always been an anomaly to him. Yellowjacket had never liked his younger brother, and had despised fighting, instead preferring to become an artist.

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Absolutely HATES his Biology and Chemistry classes

His colors are based off of his namesake

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