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Ankole is a male SandWing with a large, bulky body and a sluggish stature. His scales are a wet sand-ish color that are dotted with small, black diamonds down the length of his body. He carries around a satchel on his right side that is usually seen to be tucked under a camel-fur cloth that is tied around his lower neck. In this satchel, Ankole carries various items with him generally everywhere such as messages, scrolls, and collected items. His camel-fur cloth is ragged and looks highly uncomfortable to the touch, but it's actually quite soft. 

He doesn't have any kinds of jewelry as he finds it too flashy for himself, but he has a stone tooth as he lost the original tooth to a cavity in his youth. When you usually see him, he walks with he tail curled close to his body and tries to hug the farthest side of the room to avoid confrontation with SandWings who he doesn't feel comfortable around.

Shortened down:

  • Large and bulky, but very slow
  • Wet sand-ish colored scales with small, black diamonds
  • Deep brown eyes
  • Has a stone tooth
  • Appears to be very formal


Usually very shy to talk to other dragons, Ankole usually pays attention to what dragons tell him to do or just in general. Though he dislikes it when dragons pay too much attention to him, he appreciates it that someone is looking out for him/notices him. Ankole usually hugs the walls or stays in the back of a room when sitting with other dragons as he doesn't want to say the wrong thing at the wrong the time. This is because, in the past, Ankole was in charge of watching another dragonet much younger than him and when he lost sight of the dragon, he panicked. When he was scolded, it felt like the sun was going to crash into the continent. Although he's still willing to help another dragon, he's catious of everything that could happen and looks at every possiblity before it ever happens. Though, there's other reasons why he's afraid to talk to others at times.

Ankole has a slight case of hemophobia (fear of seeing blood) which is pretty ironic of him being in the SandWing military. Although he doesn't know why he does, he copes with his phobia by collecting things he likes which include shiny rocks and soft objects (like his camel-fur blanket). He's afraid to expose his phobia to others and is a reason why he avoids confrontations unless it's on a battlefield. Though, he's still pretty afraid. What a poor soldier.

Shortened down:

  • Very shy
  • Hates attention, but also likes it at times
  • Avoids talking to many dragons
  • Willing to help you
  • Has hemophobia (fear of seeing blood)
  • Lots of anxiety


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