Warning, spoilers for Darkness of Dragons! Some users may also find this... uncomfortable??? So warning.

By Sorapaw, enjoy <3


Oh my Moons.

I'm Gay.

That was the first thing that ran in my mind when rumors of my love for Tamarin spread across the school.

Yes, I'm Anemone. The animus Princess of the SeaWings. I may even become Queen.

But... I need to have to have dragonets...ick...

I've worked on not enchanting things. I know Kinkajou is practically spitting acid in my face because I'm head-over-heels for her friend. Worst part is...Tamarin is totally oblivious to my love for her.

Oh Moons, help me.


I'm working in the gardens. I'm Tamarin, the blind RainWing. I think of myself as calm and nice.

I've made a new friend, as well. Her name is Anemone.

She's nice. She does stuff with me and helps out in the garden too.

I heard Clay once say, "Anemone, your redder than an apple!".

Does she like someone?

Because I...

I like her.

Yay for Gays.


I'm walking to the beautiful gardens of Jade Mountain Academy. Turtle just split off into a separate hallway. I'll go to lunch soon.

First I need to see Tamarin.

She's freaking beautiful. I wish she could see me.

I peek in through one of the cave entrances to an open array of flowers and a glass top, where sunlight leaks in.

There she is.

"Tamarin!" I rush over to her, happy. I see Tamarin's scales turn a bright peach, and instantly calm down.

Three Moons, is she Gay too!?

I smile. "I'm smiling." I say.

"Great!" She answers. "I'm...happy to see you, Anemone." Tamarin holds up a daisy.


I'm really doing this. Oh my Moons, Oh my Moons.

I brush the daisy behind her ear. I hear Anemone's breathing slow.

"I-I-I'm smiling." She says again.

"So am I. Oh wait, you can already see!" I laugh. We both sigh and I turn to her.

"It's gone public." Anemone whispers.

"What has?"

"Our gayness." We both laugh. It's fine. It really is.

"But what now?" I ask.

"How about a trip to the Prey Center?" Anemone smiles, although I can't see. "While holding talons."

I nod, and smile.

I hope this crush lasts.

And blossoms into something more.



Thank you for reading! This was a super-short story I just HAD to do after finishing DoD. I may do a part two!

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